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The Secret of Everything by Barbara O'Neal
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Apr 04, 12

it was ok
Read in April, 2012

"Eating a good hearty breakfast holds the secrets to life"....

Yet, I couldn't figure out why anyone would need a recipe for her 'Hearty Oatmeal' with raisins?
I've been cooking it that way for at least 30 years.

Also, It was the only Soluble Fiber breakfast mentioned in the towns beloved eatery of 100 Breakfasts. The other 99 choices didn't seem to be 'Heart Healthy' (so beware). ---"The Secret to Everything" (caution at your own risk)...lol

On with my review:
The writing was amateurish ---
During the first half of the book --the characters were annoying -- the plot trite. The author spent too much time with OVER-THE-TOP descriptions (leaving the reader little room to have our own imagination).It was annoying and shallow.

I would have loved this book to be a 'comfy' book ---but with so many problems I couldn't help but 'feel' during the first half of the book--I found it this book more stressful and joyful ---

However: I stayed with it:
The 2nd half of the book moved into the story more ---(leaving behind the authors need to describe every detail along the way) --- giving the reader a little more intellectual credit.

Yet--What was the purpose really for the mysterious man? (didn't add to the plot)...
And What grandmother doesn't buy their grandchild an apple? (not believable)

And the Random Ghost scenes popping up ---also didn't add anything to the story --

The Sexy-Sparks between Tessa and Vince were a little hot...
Natalie: filled with loss and grief, trying to be her own unique self --was an interesting character--
The dogs had heart and soul...

The FOODIE thing: (at times also lost its purpose and recipes were just tossed into the pages of the story). Again...TOO much description --lacking a sense of purpose with the plot.
However: I am not a 'Foodie person myself. (so I found it all so dull and boring). Besides, I cook better!

I'm almost 60 years old. I know how to cook. I know about fresh hearty food --organic --and good meals....
but its a 'part' of my life....NOT my life.

Also: Our main Character was a *TRAVELER*....(not a cook) ---yet the THEME (the SECRET??) -- is in the FOOD??? ---ie: home, family, love, relationship?/!)....
OK, I get it. I got it years ago.

The 'mystery' was not deep or complicate--no surprise! (yet, I can enjoy a happy ending as much as the next person).

Cheers for love --and healthy relationships! Kudos for 'The Happy Family' coming together!

Whew: Now, maybe Natalie will be allowed to eat all the apples her heart desires!
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