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Spire by Aaron Safronoff
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Mar 30, 2012

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Read from March 24 to 30, 2012 — I own a copy , read count: 1

Mixed feelings about this one. I won it in a Goodreads Givaway - quite a while ago, I'll admit - and I've been meaning to pick it up for a while. Now that I have.... I'm not too sure. I'd have given it 2 1/2 stars if possible, just because I have such a mix of positive and negative things about it that I have to say it ended up as average. But let's just work my way through my thoughts.

I'll start with the obvious (that all the other reviews seem to be starting) - typos. As someone who is known for them in my unedited work, I found the ones left in here pretty big, and often quite jarring. It broke the flow for me a few times, and that's what annoyed me about it. There were also moments of narrative that I found confusing, not to mention the sometimes jarring switches between characters, not to mention between 1st and 3rd person. I'm not against having some sections in 1st person and some in 3rd, but I feel it needs to be definite. The main character Joshua has both 1st and 3rd person sections, so when the "I" comes back in, sometimes I'm confused about who's talking. All in all, I think another round of editing would have made this an all-round better book.

The story itself I also found hard to connect to. The back page suggests and strong, confident, sneak protagonist, purposefully running from the 'Collective' who want to scrub his brain... but that's not really the story. Joshua, the main character, is a nobody drug user, who takes something that alters him dramatically. From there, he's fumbling his way around, wondering what's real and what's not, slowly discovering his new found powers. Personally, I didn't like it as all, and as someone who is attracted to characters about everything else, for a while I was only ready for the story line. Once Sara/Lily and Eve came into it, I became much more interested.

Still, I was never 100% what was going on. The story's set in a futuristic society, full of complicated gadgetry (like a Glass, which seems like a super high-tech iPad that can do everything, is carried with you always, and more the size of a phone), but there's also Desks and Walls. These are pretty much super-computers situation on those two locations (which was very confusing at first, as I didn't understand why, when Joshua is describing his apartment, desk and wall needed capitalisation...). People have GEaRS (that's an acronym that's not given for a while) that are like technological implants to heighten human functioning. All these things were introduced early on, but not explained until much later, and by the time the explanation came, I was over caring about what it was, or had guessed it's function. I think earlier details about exactly what these things were would have ma much easier read some times.

All those things said, the more I read, the more I found myself enjoying it. There were a few good twists (Leader 127's ending was quite surprising), and I probably will read the sequel, but because it took me so long to get into it, there were a few times where I was tempted to just put it down and pick up something else, which is never a good thing for a book. Hopefully, the next one packs more of an immediate punch.
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03/24 page 55
15.0% ""Some headlights are on, as twilight shifts the world to a warm autumn orange. The avenue is six lanes across and I can feel the drivers and passengers tracking me as I pass bewteen vehicles. It hit the opposite curb, turn sharply to the right, and walk with absolute resolve and prupose toward nothing in particular...""
03/24 page 92
26.0% ""The Leader was sure Eve would avoid identifying transactions as much as posisble, but she could not possible avoid them all. She knew she would never be able to return to the Spire once she left, so she might risk being seen to get supplies. Her choices, her actions, would speak where her voice falied. 'And Jacobs...' 'Yes, sir?' 'Put together an extraction team for Joshua Falken...' ""
03/26 page 122
34.0% ""He moved without disturbing the diner in anyway. There was no sound to his footsteps, no smell to his skin. He didn't even displace my butterfly dust... much. He didn't know that I could see him. Though not necessarily dark, the light he emitted was flat and cold. He positioned himself behind Sara. The shadow-man was lethal. He was trying to decide when. I decided for him...""
03/27 page 143
40.0% ""Joshua's lids quivered a little, then covered his gaze again. Fresh beads of sweat broke out all over his forehead. Sara sat and repeated her ritual. Se wiped his face, dunked the shirt, wrung out the excess water, and wiped his face again. She didn't entirely believe the change herself, but repeated it anyway, 'It's okay,' a soft whisper, 'It's okay. You're alright, Joshua. Just sleep. It's okay...' ""
03/28 page 200
56.0% "" 'Don't try anything,' she spoke to the wall, away from the fever-hot Joshua, 'I'm not sleeping with you... I just don't think I should have to sleep on the floor...' ""
03/29 page 297
83.0% ""The door opened and he slipped out silently. The an was dream-memory slippery. THe harder I tried to place him, to remember him, the more doubtful and fuzzy the memory became. I scrutinized the last few moments with him, and I honestly couldn't say if he was just in my imagination or not. Sara leaned into Joshua, 'You'd better be worth all of this...' ""
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