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Norse Code by Greg Van Eekhout
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Nov 29, 11

This book was actually better than I thought it would be (when I first bought it, I debated for twenty minutes whether to buy it or not). Van Eekhout weaves an interesting tale by integrating Norse mythology into the modern world, and presents a unique take on some of the Norse gods, especially Hermod who has living among humans for a thousand plus years. However, of all the characters, I found the main character Mist to be rather one-dimensional and lacking in the potential her character could have. At times, she seems to be written as too stereotypical of a female character and often times unbelievable or nonsincere in her emotions, much like the cover of the book (which was what almost prevented me from buying it in the first place). But overall, I did enjoy the book and would recommend it especially to anyone who likes Norse mythology.

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