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Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco
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Nov 29, 2011

it was amazing

The cover of this book is a full bleed, which depicts two boys reading, one that is white and the other African American. The cover hooks me immediately by making me wonder what time period is this story set in due to inequalities in history between these two races. The title page gives more information, showing that the setting is not from recent times due to the water pump and kettle fire. Knowing Patricia Polacco, and how her books depict real life events connected to her own life, the dedication page made me wonder who exactly was Pinkus Aylee and what relation did he have to Patricia and her family? As I read the story, my questions were answered. The story is told through the eyes of Sheldon Russell Curtis, a young soldier serving in the civil war. When he is shot, and almost left for dead, Sheldon is rescued by Pinkus, an African American soldier. Polacco uses great description to help the reader visualize the heroic actions Pink takes to save Sheldon and to understand the lasting friendship the two young soldiers made in just a few days. Pink takes Sheldon to his mother’s house, where they put her in great danger. When the boys decide to leave, they are too late because other Confederate soldiers kill Moe Moe Bay, Pink’s mother, and discover the boys. They are taken to a Confederate Camp, and only Sheldon makes it out alive. The story is a tribute to Pinkus Aylee, who did not have any family members to remember his legacy and saved the life of Patricia Polacco’s great-grand relative. This book depicts the cruelty of inequality that America has faced in its history, and is told through the perspective of a young, innocent boy. This perspective makes the reader see how monstrous people have been to others based on racial prejudices. This story makes me wonder how many other heroic men and women go unnoticed for their acts during times of war.

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