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Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier
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In Gwen’s family one of the girls is born with the ability to time travel in every generation. However that ability won’t manifest until after they turn sixteen. Everyone has assumed that Gwen’s cousin Charlotte will be the time traveler, because she was born on the right day. Charlotte has been prepared her whole life to start traveling, so when it turns out that Gwen is the time traveler in the family, everyone is shocked and suspicious. Gwen is not prepared for any of it and it will completely change her life.[return][return]This was a fun read. Gwen is a plucky heroine, willing to think for herself and stand up to others. The way she reacted to her sudden change in circumstances felt realistic. (Not that I have much experience with suddenly being able to time travel.) There were moments she coped well and others where she did not. It did feel like the story spent a lot of time getting set up. This will probably be important as the story progresses, but it did feel a little slow until Gwen started traveling on purpose. I am very intrigued by the whole world that has been created and all of the mysteries within mysteries that are hinted at. I am looking forward to joining Gwen on her further time travels.
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