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The Kings of Clonmel by John Flanagan
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Nov 29, 11

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bookshelves: fiction, adventure, teen

This was a better outing than the last one for this series, but still not as enjoyable as the earlier work. Halt, Will and Horace are called into the neighboring kingdom of Clonmel to help discredit a cult that has been working to quietly seize power. There are lots of ranger antics from Halt and Will, and feats of strength from Horace. The plot was fairly generic but it showed the characters well. Unfortunately it felt like a forgone conclusion that the characters would win out, by feats even more fantastic than ever before. It's starting to make the stories feel superficial. As usual there was some nicely done humor to liven things up. [return][return]CAUTION MAJOR SPOILER. My biggest problem with the setup for this story was that Halt is supposedly from Clonmel, which they use to make it okay for the team to infiltrate a neighboring country. That's rough but workable, then they make Halt twins with the king. Not so believable, but I'll swallow that. But to top it off, he is actually the real king, who fled when his brother kept trying to kill him. That I can't buy. Nothing about Halt's character indicates he would abandon his people and leave without a fight. Especially since we know Halt as a dutiful and honor bound person. I can't imagine someone raised to be king would just walk away from it like it was nothing just because he didn't want to hurt his parents or his brother. At one point they mention that people know Halt is not native to Araulen. I certainly don't remember anything like that. It's possible I just missed or forgot that, but it still felt like a major reach to make the plot work for the author and thus I kept saying ya right whenever this element entered the story. If you can get over that, it's still an enjoyable adventure for the gang.
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