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Rescue Me by Rachel Gibson
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Rescue Me is one of those feel good, comfort books that are pretty standard coming from author, Rachel Gibson. It is part of a series, but can definitely be read as a stand-alone. So if you have read RG before, and I have read most of her books, that is exactly what you get with Rescue Me- a charming and OOOh so sexy read.

There was no villain, no big mystery or twist, but I was still hooked because of the characters and the fast moving story. It was sweet with an H&h that had very strong sexual, “make me tingle” chemistry. Even though the plot’s premise was light, Vince and Sadie sex scenes were hot and heavy.

The LOL moments came fast and furiously with many stereotypical sayings about Texas and good ole small town people. My favorite was “The higher the hair, the closer to God.” I totally related to Big Hair since I grew up in the 80’s with Paul Mitchell Spritz spray, let’s just say God and I could see eye to eye for many years.

Sadie was born into an “old money”, Texas family. She was a “late in life” baby, born to a Texas beauty queen and father who struggled to show affection, but still a good guy. Her parents loved each other and Sadie, but her mother dies when Sadie is five years old. Sadie is a beauty and tries to follow in her mother’s footsteps, but she is half her father and therefore is stubborn, a loner, and a rebel. Sadie leaves home at 18 to find a new life and only returns occasionally.

Vince was introduced in Any Man of Mine as the hot headed, protective brother (AMoM is Gibson’s hockey series; good series -love my sports heroes). He is an ex-Navy Seal, successful, but yet not sure what direction to go in life. There were some random flash backs to his Seal life that I just skimmed, I have to say this was the only slight lull in the story.

My favorite part of the book was the sexy dialog and spicy chemistry, the few scenes were hotter than some erotica I have read. Vince was a Dawg, who told it like it was, no sugar coating or romantic words in his mind, he just wanted sex. I loved him! As he put it, “I like foreplay, but I am more of an insertion guy.” His raunchiness was great; he didn’t spoon, he called it nuts to butts.

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If you are in a mood to just relax and enjoy or you need a break from some of the intense thinker stories that we have all have been reading, you can’t go wrong with this one or pretty much any Rachel Gibson book.
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Splage Totally agree Friends with Benefits is the craze, but the commitment phobes always fall...at least in my romance world.

message 2: by ~ Becs ~ (new)

~ Becs ~ Nice review Splage. I don't think I've ever heard of this author before.

Splage Wow, really! You have to check her out. She reminders me of Carly Phillips, Susan Mallery, Jill shalvis, my comfort authors. Her hockey series reminds me of Susan Elizabeth Phillips football series, fav of mine, hot, sexy athletes- can' t get enough of them.

message 4: by ~ Becs ~ (new)

~ Becs ~ Thanks Splage - I've only read Jill Mansell out of those but I have heard of the others. I've read several JM's and enjoyed them - I've got to be in the right mood for her as she's quite gentle and I generally like more angst.

I'm a lost cause.

Splage I haven't read Jill Mansell, but I do have a few of her books in my huge TBR. These authors are not erotica, but they have a lots of sexual spice, usually the climaxes cause a little bit of chest tightening not full on angst. I love the Susan Elizabeth Phillips Chicago Stars Football series. Her heroes tend to be a little jerky and very alpha, they do it for me. Book 2, Heaven, Texas I have reread many times, some of my favorite themes in that one.

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