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Runner by Carl Deuker
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Dec 05, 2011

it was amazing

Runner by Carl Deuker was a very interesting book. It was filled with suspense, excitement, a little action and mystery. Carl did a very good job in creating suspense right before the climax to emphasize the climax. The suspense builds until you think the climax is going to appear but then Carl Deuker continues to create more suspense until there is not much more there can be and the Carl drops the suspense on you. This creates the illusion that the suspense is greater than it actually would have been without the great suspense. I liked when the author creates a change in behaviours. Like in chapter three and the beginning of chapter four of part one; Chance’s dad brought him to a food bank to get food so that they would not starve. Then at chapter four he tells Chance, “How about if you and me eat a normal meal for once?” It shows that Chance’s dad is really trying to make an effort to bond with his son and make things right between them two, unlike in the beginning of the book where all he cared about was his alcohol and his cigarettes. However, to keep Chance’s job of collecting unknown packages, Chance lies to his dad telling him he was not hungry and refusing the offer of quality bonding time without his father being drunk. I also really liked this book because the main character was a teenager and I was able to connect to his thoughts. Although I was not able to connect to the way he felt about being as poor as he was, I was able to understand the pressure of society and sometimes the feeling of being alone. The one character I was really able to connect to was Melissa. Just like me she wants to go out on her own and make her own decisions. But Chance has been doing that his whole life and he does not was that anymore because he is tired of making decisions for himself. I think one of the themes of this book is that sometimes the choices teens make can be wrong and we do need some help to guide us towards the right direction. In the book Chance doesn’t have the help of his dad so all the decisions he make are on his own. I think that is why he got himself into smuggling. Unlike Melissa who has got her own decisions backed up by her parents’ decisions.
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message 1: by Eileen (new)

Eileen I agree, Chance's father was a huge part of why this book was so amazing. He was troubled but wanted to help all he could, the days he had work when he would shave and try to keep the job as long as he could. I related a lot to Chance, even when he needed everything in the world he would not take an easy hand out. Working as a bus boy cleaning dishes with water so boiling the gloves did no use. Not letting melissa pay for his cake at the diner when they would meet. Even after the death of his father, refusing to be a burden on their family and enlist himself in the Army. Plus he was just a good kid, I can't forget about the part with him feeling deep remorse about the homeless man and going back to check up on him.

warmed my heart!

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