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Aug 25, 12

Read on August 24, 2012

WOW. Laini Taylor, you have done it again! You have amazed me with your amazing superpowers! Thank you for this wonderful, torturous, beautiful book!

So, I am really really bad at doing reviews without spoilers, so I won’t say too much about the actual storyline, as I don’t want to put anything out into the world – I know people “shouldn’t” read it when its marked as spoiler, but some do, and I refuse to give away the secrets of this book!! You will have to wait, and buy it, and read it!

It has to be said, I had really high expectations for this book – and that actually made me a little scared! I loved Daughter of Smoke and Bone so much that I was stressed out in anticipation to find out if I won this book (and let me add, the announcement was made 10 mins after the competition closed, it was hell during those 10 minutes). After the massive amount of excitement of winning this book, I started to stress out again – what if I had put this sequel on a pedestal so high that it had no way of actually ever reaching? What if I had built up the anticipation so much in my mind that there was no writer out there actually able to meet my massive expectations? What if I didn’t like it because of those unrealistic expectations??? OH MY GOD!?!?!?!? And then, what if it had middle book syndrome? Could I handle that? I love this series so much – what would happen if it did suffer from the same thing so many other middle books do? OH MY GOD!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a huge fan of Laini’s and I have never doubted her ability to write an amazing book – just my own ability to keep my own expectations realistic. So basically, I had stressed myself out so much, when, I didn’t have to at all! Laini delivers! DEL.IV.ERS. (of course). There is no second book syndrome – so much happens in this book, continuations from the first book, new storylines, answers, questions, it is clearly a build up to the final, not a “filler”.

This book has a different tone from Daughter, and it is a lot darker. The tone is darker, the storyline is darker, and there are some practically dark moments within that darkness! All exquisitely written and there is always underlying hope that ensures that it does not cross over that line of being too dark.

The story is told from multiple perspectives, which whilst I found hard at first due to my own anticipation, I actually loved seeing what was happening with other people. One (and there are many) of the things that amazes me about Laini is her ability to pull you in. I found myself multiple times at the end of chapter, on the edge of my seat, turning the page so quickly to continue reading and groaning when I find it was another perspective – I wanted to know what happens next with X! But within a microsecond, I am sucked into Y’s story, I temporarily forget about X and get committed to Ys journey! It is amazing skill, especially to do that to an impatient person like myself!

Laini introduces many new characters in this book, which is very interesting to see (or wonder) what role they have to play in this and the next book. But whilst there are new characters around, the old favourites are still there – true to themselves (well mostly). I won’t discuss the journeys that they went on (spoiler free) but I will say that most of them didn’t disappoint. Some surprised me, some grew, some remained stubbornly the same, some frustrated me to no end, some disgusted me, some made me believe in humanity (whether that be a human, angel or devil). The constant intrigue of who is really friend, who is really enemy – or who will become the other. The story is a journey within itself, but so much can be taken from it. Mainly – hope.

There was some heartbreaking moments in this book – but I cannot say anything about them and keep this spoiler free. There are also some bitter-sweet moments. But it did not lack in its comical moments either – all I will say about them is that they mostly involved Zuzana – I so love her!

Laini’s writing once again is superb!!! Her descriptions are absolutely amazing, mesmerising really. I could go on and on about how much I love her ability to put words together and make a wonderful stream of lyrical genius – but anyone who knows me has already heard it (probably multiple times).

I went into this book with wanting one thing – and as friends know what that is, I cannot say whether I actually got it…. But I will say I CANNOT wait until the next book! My only regret about reading this now is that I will have to wait so long until the next one – and that makes me so sad :(

There are 3 things that would make my life complete right now:

1. For Jim (Laini’s husband) to do a graphic novel version of this series – well not even a graphic novel – just a book with illustrations of all the characters, key locations, key scenes etc.

2. For Laini to come to Australia to do a tour.

3. The final book in this wonderful series!!!

So, that’s all I can say right now – I will put my spoiler filled review up once the book come out in November. If you have any questions, comments or want to know my spoiler filled opinions, please feel free to leave a comment here on Goodreads or contact me on Twitter @kaysi_23. If you want my spoiler filled thoughts, and you aren’t directly linked to the book itself, you will have prove to me that you have already read it :)


Now, the book itself...

Comparison to samplers:
There is a little more in the book than in the sampler (US one anyway), going by chapter numbers – but there is a whole lot more if you are reading the sampler in the back of the new UK paperback (which was a terrible tease by the way Hodder UK!!!) But, I did notice that there was one line missing from the book that was in the sample in the paperback– it was the last line of a chapter, and it was terribly excruciating – I would have left that in.

To the publishers:

Whilst I was unsure of the UK cover (as I really did fall for the US one), I must say, you guys and girls do a fantastic job at capturing the essence of these books! Both books depict the story so much more visually than the US ones (in my opinion) – so, you have now won me over with the cover. I will say however, that I am still thinking that the cover may have been better without the flame – only because I LOVED Daughter of Smoke and Bone’s cover was so beautiful in its simplicity, maybe this should have been just stars? However, I will wait til I see the final result (the cover will be “shimmery” like Daughter, right?) before I stand solid on that opinion.

My issue with the cover remains only at this: The font for the title. And there are 4 parts to this:

1. Why is there no fancy “o” on the font on the front? There are 2 in the word blood, and Daughter had one in the word Bone on it (although not in smoke). I would have thought that one of them would have it to match Daughter.
2. Why is the “R” and “G” not the same as it is in Daughter?
3. Why is it different on the spine and the back??? My exact examples for points 1 and 2 are on the spine?
4. Although the “D” on the spine and back is different to the cover, as well as different to Daughter’s cover or spine

My suggestion for the font on the cover would be have it the same as it is currently on the spine, with the exception of the “D”. Then it would all match! (yes, I have a major thing about matching).

Inside the book:
I did find a few errors, but I assume that they will be corrected in the final copy.

Thank you:
I REALLY want to give a HUGE thank you to Hachette Australia for running a competition to enable me to win this book!!! It is so great that the general public get an opportunity like this, as I know that ARCs/Proofs normally go to bloggers. So from a massive fan of Laini’s, a true and sincere thank you!!!

I would also like to thank Hodder UK for making ARCs/Proofs (as I believed there wasn’t going to by any) and providing these books to Hachette/Hodder Australia! Truly!!!
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Navdha This was such a perfect and teasing review Kaysi!! I totally loved it and now am more eager to read this book (as if that could be possible *rolls eyes*).
Still crying a little... :(

Kaysi Sorry Navs, didn't mean to make you cry :) and I didn't intentionally make it teasing, it's just hard to say what I want to without spoilers

Navdha I understand but I want it so much more now! Patience..patience...if only...

Jason So far this year I've only really liked 2 books. There have been numerous severely disappointing sequels. Hope I agree with you on this one.
How many characters get major POV time? IIRC, there were essentially only 2 in the first book. That's not so much a spoiler, right?

Kaysi Hi Jason. Yes, there are a lot of disappointing sequels. But this one impressed me to no end. I love Laini Taylor, so yes I am biased - but even so, I felt that this book had movement and a purpose, which a lot of "middle" books don't. I hope you enjoy it when you read it!
The sequel is still mainly from the 2 POV - but there are others, which I won't say anything about - but the book does not divert from the story of Karou and Akiva and other POV do have a purpose for the storyline.

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