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Poisoned Spirits by Missouri Dalton
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Nov 28, 2011

really liked it
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Read in November, 2011

This review can be found at Brief Encounters Reviews.

This short story has a quite unusual setting. It is set in Chicago in the era of prohibition, the time of Bugsy Malone and the St. Valentine’s Day massacre, but with a paranormal twist. The existence of witches, demons, pixes, etc. seem to be fairly common knowledge, although they keep a low profile, and our lead character Ian works for the special police force that monitors these creatures. As well, being gay seems to be fairly well accepted, or as well as it is perhaps today, given that Ian is separated from his family due to having a boyfriend, Billy. Ian also has his own paranormal abilities.

A large part of the story is Ian’s attempts, with his partner and the help of a witch who works for their department, to find the coven who is poisoning “legal” whiskey and thus save Billy’s life. He does manage to find the information he needs, but at a price. The fairy king helps him, but in exchange for Billy’s life, Ian must work for the fairy king after 25 years.

I got a sense from this of some of the old movies that had the hard-boiled detective. This is set in a time when cops went around beating people up and getting in fights and no one though twice, but Ian has a bit of that devil-may-care attitude. He makes the odd slightly snarky comment about the people around him, and there are moments of humour tossed in with the seriousness of chasing down the witches responsible. It also forced Ian to look more closely at his relationship with Billy which has been up until this point kind of a on-off not so serious affair, but the though of losing Billy makes him rethink and decide to man-up and tell Billy.

So it’s a bit nontraditional in the romance department, as for a large part of the story Billy is semi-comatose and dying, but when they finally reunite it was sweet and a bit sad because you know Ian only has 25 years. I would be curious to see what happens in 25 years, when it is time for Ian to leave Billy or when he has to explain what he did in order to save him. I think there is potential for more of these men in a rather intriguing world. I would definitely keep an eye out for more stories set in this world as it rather appealed to me.
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Experiment BL626 Your link is broken. Need to add the ">" before the letter B in "Brief".

message 2: by Tam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tam Oops. Thanks.

message 3: by Missouri (new) - added it

Missouri Dalton My next book, The Hanged Man's Ghost, is set in the same world a few decades later, and will start of the series that will loop back to Ian and Billy.


message 4: by Tam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tam Sounds interesting. Thanks for the update.

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Missouri Dalton No problem, thanks for reading.

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