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Across the Universe by Beth Revis
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Nov 28, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: weaksauce, not-so-good
Read from December 22 to 28, 2011

I wanted to like this book. I really did. I mean, the cover is beautiful. BEAUTIFUL. It's a book that every hipster would pick up because the cover is all SPACE. BEAUTIFUL, STARS, SPACCEEE! My skinny jeans were screaming TAKE THIS BOOK TO STARBUCKS (OR, A MORE OBSCURE COFFEE PLACE THAT YOU'VE PROBABLY NEVER HEARD OF) AND READ IT! READ IT! The title is 'Across The Universe' with UNIVERSE being emphasized. Even if I don't like the faces, I like to imagine that it's just a pretty picture of the universe.

But man, did I hate this book. And I hate giving bad reviews to books that I actually took the time to read, but I just could NOT get into the storyline. When I wasn't sitting there going "Really? REALLY?", I was getting annoyed by Amy, one of the book's two protagonists, or the Season, which was really unnecessary and disgusting.

Now, maybe I should've given myself a break--I'd just read Legend and while I'm not the biggest fan of that book (fifteen year olds desperately falling in love ala Twilight, after meeting once, your eyes, they're so blue, your hair, so blonde, let's kiss, muah, blah blah blah), I shouldn't have picked up another book that was the same structure (alternating chapters, M/F/M/F) with the same love story.... thing. Kind of.

I tried to like Amy. But then she was just so ... whiny. And yeah, I can get that you're stuck on a ship and you're gonna be without your parentals (her father, who, at seventeen, she still calls "daddy" which I found QUITE ... weird) but really? Suck it up and put on your big girl pants because, guess what? You're in space and you can't change a damn thing. She was whiny and had green eyes and red hair. That's about as far as her character development went for me. I just could NOT stand her.

Elder, on the other hand, I kind of liked. He was a rebellious little bugger, which made me like him more. But, of course, he's infatuated with Amy, which was only a wee bit annoying.

Eldest was cool. I think maybe his role in the book was a little underplayed, but I didn't mind him.

I didn't really like Harley, though. At the beginning I was sure I was going to like him, but I ended up not, which was a disappointment.

(view spoiler)

Also, the Season. All I have to say about that is: LOL. The use of the word 'writhing' has made me take that word out of consideration for all my future stories.

Overall, probably a book that I won't read again, buy, or continue the series in. Unless Amy gets a little less annoying. But even then.

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