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Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn
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Nov 28, 2011

really liked it
Read from April 15 to 16, 2012

Open Minds is a breath of fresh air. The premise of "mind reading" being the normal thing is just surreal. I was very interested on what will happen that i finished this book within 3 hours.

The author was good at creating her own modern world. Rules have changed, people can now read minds and that's NORMAL. When people can't hear your thoughts and you can't hear theirs, you're a zero.. not normal. Now, the heroine Kira, is pretty much different. She can "jack" into the mind of a person and make him/her do things.. the catch is, they can't actually hear her thoughts.. it's like she can choose what to broadcast since she can control their minds. Her mind is so powerful that she made a whole clan (or mafia) of mindjackers to faint. I think Kira is a typical teenage character. She just wanna fit it. I admit that there were times that i want to shake her or pull her hair because she's making bad choices. Her attitude towards her best friend, Raf, was mostly outrageous. I hated her for not confiding in him when things got tough. Instead, she trusted Simon who has the persona of a very bad influence.

Anyway, all's well that ends well. The plot is good. The character needed a little dose of self realization and when that happened, it was all good.

If this one has a next book, i'm looking forward to reading it.
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message 1: by Ferdy (last edited Apr 16, 2012 09:09AM) (new)

Ferdy Hmm..I might have to out this on my TBR, sounds interesting:)

✿ℎazℯℓ - thℯ ℛock Cℎick ℱairy✿ I wish that this one won't let you down, Ferdy. :) I think I was pretty forgiving.. oh well.

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