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Liar by Justine Larbalestier
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Nov 28, 2011

it was ok
Read in November, 2011

Personally speaking, Liar was one of the worst books I’ve ever read in my entire life. I know this may sound vague, but I think anyone else who has touched this novel would understand what I’m trying to say. Now I don’t mean to put anyone down or disrespect anyone’s feelings or anything, I mean, I can see why some of you might adore this novel, but to me, it was straight up horrible. This book is a mind twister, it plays tricks on your brain. The narrator of this story, Micah, admits truthfully from the very start of the book that she’s a liar. She lets the audience know from the very beginning of the novel that most of what she says are lies. One of the very first thing that was mentioned in this novel was “My father is a liar, and so am I”. (pg.1) That one line in the story made me want to put the book down right away. How was I supposed to continue reading the novel if I’m not even sure whether the entire book was true or not? I had a million questions in my mind while I was reading. I thought that maybe if I stuck with it and continued to finish the book that I’d finally receive some answers but in the end, I was stuck with even more questions than answers. I was confused at the beginning and once I got to the end, my mind felt like it had been twisted into a million different knots. It’s clear that the author’s intention was to try and write a witty book that would leave readers with something to remember and think about, but I feel like she tried too hard to impress the audience, which instead resulted people to being in a total state of confusion.
Halfway reading through the novel, the “big secret” is revealed; which is Micah actually being a werewolf. I knew I should’ve stopped reading and put down the novel right there, but I still had too many questions in my mind that I needed answers to. But if I knew from the very beginning of the novel that the other half of the story was going to be about Micah being a werewolf, I wouldn’t have chosen to read this book, ever. If I wanted a werewolf story I might as well have went and re-read the entire Twilight series instead. I picked up this novel thinking it was going to be a good read, not because I wanted to learn more about werewolves. As if all this Twilight and Breaking Dawn talk wasn’t enough. “I am a werewolf. There, I’ve said it. The heart of all my lies” (pg. 171) I thought you were going to be honest with us, Micah? Is this whole book an entire fraud?
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Dua'a Behbehani She wasn't a werewolf! The werewolf thing was a kind of metaphor for mental illness. So when she said her family were werewoles living on a farm, hiding from the rest of the world, it was a lie because everyone in her family from her cousin's side has the mental illness, which might be due to intermarrying. Also, in the end when she says her art teacher (or whoever it was, I dont remember clearly) asked her to come to a museum she meant that she took her to a hospital to be treated. You have to read it more than once :) i hope this cleared things up!

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