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Betrayal by Lee Nichols
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I read this book in 4 hours. It was an easy read with a lot of suspense. I got to the end and was surprised when i saw who was the traitor. OMG. Emma is great and i felt that she did grow up in this book and her personality was more exciting. Bennett really disappointed me trough this story; bhla blha can't be in a relationship with you; blah blah but now i changed my mind let´s get married... Seriously? Decide yourself because you're an Idiot.
I was glad when Sara and Harry finally spoke to Emma again, the book wasn't the same without them. Cody was phenomenal in helping them and being a friend to Emma and caring so much about them three (Sara, Harry and Emma). Like in the end i think that they finally accepted that Cody was really dead and all of them were able to deal with that issue.
Natalie... I love Natalie. She is such a loyal friend that is available to Emma every time without being a smothering friend and i loved the fact that she will probably have a "boy" in the next book. She deserves it.

-the main character is not witty and doesn't have everybody in love with her.
-The second characters are really important and you can see that the story it´s great just cause of them.
-The ghosts are amazing, being described just as i thought they could exist.
-And it´s a fresh story.

-Bennett is an idiot...

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