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Summer of the Gypsy Moths by Sara Pennypacker
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Jul 18, 2012

really liked it
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Read in July, 2012

About one-third of the way through this book, I set it down and thought, "There is no way that this story can end happily. Not and still be realistic. Just no way." Some may argue about just how realistic the happy ending is, but it worked for me.

Quite a concept, this story. I'm sure it's been tackled before, some time, and it did bring Audrey Shafer's The Mailbox to mind. Similarities there, no doubt; the most prominent in my mind being the outstanding writing in both. This is just a great story. Wonderful, easy-to-love characters, emotional depth, lovely's all here.

I've never been to Cape Cod, or anywhere on the northeastern coast, but I could see those Linger Longer cottages in my mind. And I couldn't have known Stella, Angel, and George any better if I'd actually jumped inside the book and lived with them for the summer. (Although I would not have enjoyed all that cleaning like Stella did.) Pennypacker has painted them just so well. I believe I even have a pretty firm grip on the not-so-crusty Louise. And right along with George, I knew the answer when Stella whispered, "Aren't you afraid I'll lie again?" How did I know? Because by that time, I knew Stella. I knew her. Lying wasn't who she was. It was temporary. It was survival.

Now, some people may also say, "Sara Pennypacker? The author of those fun Clementine books?" Yep. That Sara Pennypacker. But the emotional depth of this book doesn't surprise me. There is quiet strength in each of the Clementine books. The strength that comes from knowing that above all, you are loved, and that's what matters. And together, you can get through anything.

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