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The Demon of Renaissance Drive by Elizabeth Reuter
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Nov 28, 11

Book Title: The Demon of Renaissance Drive

Author: Elizabeth Reuter

Published By: JournalStone

Genre: Paranormal

Recommended Age: 18+

Reviewed By: Emily Tuley / AngelsCryHavoc

Blog Reviewed For: Great Minds Think Aloud Literary Community

Rating: 3 Ravens

It’s been a few days since I finished this book but it left me with a few feelings I was and I’m still questioning along the way. Part of me wanted to love this book, and the other part of me wanted to hate it. It started out pretty strong flow with some of the usual paranormal elements along the way but , began to turn into something of a religious/philosophical questioning leaving me wondering if the book was meant to be that questioning of religions or if somewhere along the lines of the story the story it’s self got lost. Though it was a pretty decent book not of the norm for it’s usual genre. It was definitely a book that has left me with a few questions and some answers I’m not so sure I want.

The story of Annabelle a succubus bored with her life and existence in hell, considered one of Hells’ Noble women and the last few of still procreating demonic mothers practically tearing her hair out to change her life and get out of her norm of day to day political banter with the demon kings of hell and their offers to make her a kept woman if she just spawns them an heir. It further goes to change slowly as she finds and steals this soul sent there for torture and damnation from one of the torture areas. She tries to rehabilitate him from his tortured and now broken mind. A guy that is pretty horrible you later on find and this leaves me with the questions of how am I suppose to feel about this Murder/rapist/racist….On top of which already having the later religious conflicting issues.

They go on to meet this good doing/clean soul Jimmy Hamid a psychologist that is to help restore Harry/Steve to a better mind than the tortured bruised soul that he is. All the while watching as this previously stated soul slowly starts to become a Poltergeist which is stated several times each time something unordinary happens with Harry/Steve . The ending is pretty fastly wrapped up and seems to be purposely left for a sequel to the book but I have to say I’m a little iffy on the choice on whether or night I would like to pick up the book as it’s just a little empty feeling to me. However, Like I always say what isn’t my cup of tea very well may be yours so with that 3 ravens is as good of a review as I can go with this as I’m still torn with my choice but give it a go you may like it and enjoy the aspects of the book that I myself did and did not!

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