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Remember Me by Christopher Pike
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Jan 12, 2012

really liked it
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Read on November 28, 2011

I can't believe I'm giving this many stars to a Christopher Pike novel.

Let me make that clearer - I love Pike. He was my main groove back in middle school and high school, and even though his books can be a bit overly uncomplicated at times, he has an innate ability to present some rather complicated and fantastical concepts to teenagers in a way that never seemed preachy or condescending. And despite that fact that he was a grown man and I have since become a young woman, he has a way of capturing what it was like to be a teenager that makes me feel as if there's a part of him that has never forgotten. The heart ache, the thrill of becoming an adult, the terrible sorrow and loneliness at having the safety nets of childhood stripped away one by one - it's all there, laid out before the audience in a way that only someone who has a profound amount of respect for his readers can accomplish.

Maybe that's why I enjoyed this book so much - it's everything Pike could ever do well magnified to the Nth degree. When Shari dies and eventually comes to accept death as not an ending, but as a natural part of her that all humans will one day have to experience, Pike's writing shines in a way that no other novel of his has ever quite come close to. And what's more, Shari is actually a likable character. With an increasing amount of rather questionable teen heroines appearing in YA now a days, her motives are never questionable and always believable. Her love for her brother, her growing mistrust for her friends, her growing disappointment that eventually leads up to her facing the fact that her boyfriend is not the guy she thought he was, all felt so incredibly real to me, that when the book finally came to it's conclusion with Shari's parting words to the reader that were so deceptively simple and honest, I felt my heart break for her.

If only all teen fiction could be like this.

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message 1: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca I loved that book when I was in my early teens. The next two are kind of disappointing though.

Kitty The next two are kind of disappointing though.

Really? Damn. I totally didn't think I would get much out of it other than the usual fun of a cheap and easy read, but I really got sucked in and ended up loving every bit of it. I was all excited to find the other two, but I guess I can push them to the back burner for a bit.

message 3: by Z (new)

Z I didn't even realise there were others. I only read this one.

Kitty During the mid 90s there was this huge push by the publisher to put new covers on them in an attempt to remarket them to adults. The Nightworld series also got new covers too. Neither of them are as awesome as the cheesy originals imo though.

message 5: by Z (new)

Z Night World was amazing. I still have 1-9 with the original (UK) covers.

Kitty I've never seen the UK ones. Were they the same ones that had the collage borders on them? I always loved those but I could never figure out what the relevance to them was.

message 7: by Z (new)

Z These ones. I don't know if there was relevance, I just thought they were pretty, lol.

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