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Man of Ice by Diana Palmer
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Nov 28, 11

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Read on November 28, 2011

So...he had sex but hadn't had an orgasm? Huh? I feel a re-read coming on. I guess he had sex but had never felt "close" to the women or something.

Whatever. I wanna call him TSTL-am quite twitching with the need to do so actually-but, I just can't. This guy was damaged and needed some serious therapy.

He was so mean, cruel even (surprise, DP hero afterall) throughout the book that I really started not even liking him.

Then the big old jerk got himself all drunk and I just melted as he succeeded in releasing the reins on his tightly held emotions and got all sappy.

I know. I am a sick, sick reader who needs a 12-Step Program. This guy just got to me when he really shouldn't have. There were some moments-few and far between to be sure-but there were some moments of blazing clarity and such depth of emotion that I was actually stunned by her overall vision and characterization of this guy.

Others, I am sure, will read it and think I've gone quite off my rocker. Perhaps, I have.

There was a bit of a c'mon, seriously moment at the end because real life doesn't give always give us such a nicely wrapped package...then I remembered that this was FICTION and gave in to the sheer beauty of that singularly DP gift of both love and redemption.
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message 1: by Audrey (new)

Audrey Okay, can you spoiler this one...??? What did the big ol' baddie H do when he was drunk?? :)

message 2: by Alexis-Morgan (last edited Nov 28, 2011 09:12PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Alexis-Morgan Roark Audrey wrote: "Okay, can you spoiler this one...??? What did the big ol' baddie H do when he was drunk?? :)"

He calls her drunk from CA (left her on the wedding day, btw) and told her that they were only going to make love in the dark (he didn't want her to see him vulnerable), he doesn't belong to her and that no woman was going to own him (mommy issues), he walks into a table during the conversation and demands that she not laugh, he fumbles for the a/c, says he can live without sex and she can sleep with him if she wants, then confesses that he went to CA so he "wouldn't make love to her...didn't want you to much I wanted to. How much I cared...I love you, too. Love much. So much, Barrie, so much, so much!...But I don't want you to know it...Because women like having weapons. You can't know how I feel, Barrie. You'd torment me with it, just like your mother tormented George (his dad) because he wanted her so much."

There is a very little bit more after that-more sentimental and heart warming and wrenching given his experiences.

Having experienced the ups and downs with this couple, this scene is both heart warming and gut wrenching. Again, I know. I need a 12-Step Program. :-)

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