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Still Waters by Emma Carlson Berne
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Feb 14, 2012

it was ok
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Read in February, 2012


Still Waters by Emma Carlson Berne wasn’t quite what I was expecting and not really my cuppa. The entire book revolved around Hannah, who just finished her junior year in High School and her boyfriend Colin who will be leaving for college the following weekend. The main characters were weak and I found very little to admire in either of them. Their personalities are chopped, dry and stilted. The plot is weak and predictable; the unpredictable parts are the parts that just didn’t make much sense to me.

Hannah decides at the last minute to ‘surprise’ Colin with a trip to his family’s cottage that nobody has been to for years. She bases this decision on a picture and a crudely drawn map she finds while she and Colin are up in his attic taking photos. Hannah isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and Colin, to me, was a bit off his rocker before they even headed to the cottage but hey, that’s just my opinion. Colin treats his parents like something nasty you’d scrape off your shoe all because his older brother died and he thinks they don’t want him around although the dialogue between Colin and his parents does not indicate that in any way. Basically, it just shows Colin being a twerp to his parents.

Hannah is incapable of telling Colin ‘I love you’ and she thinks if they just get away to this cottage that nobody has been to in a coons age that just maybe, she’ll be able to squeak those three little words out. I mean, she doesn’t want him going off to college and meeting some hottie there and she can’t even spit out those three important little words. The Faery is now going: Knock, knock, knock on her forehead, Hannah! Hannah? Are you in there? Wake up! If those words don’t come naturally then you probably don’t love him! Sheesh! Must the Faery get so up close and personal to deliver such an obvious message?

Hannah makes this plan with Colin but tells him she’s taking him on a surprise trip but not where, the only person who knows where she is is her best friend. As they drive, the more Colin clues in on where they're going and to say he behaves a tad bizarrely is probably an understatement. Did I mention that Creeptastic Cottage is on the other side of the state; once they get close, none of the roads and landmarks on the map are there, there isn't any town to speak of but they do eventually find the cottage in all it's shabby broken down glory. This is when Colin starts to wig but just a little bit at a time.

That’s all I’m going to say! I finished the book but truly, it was a huge disappointment for me. I really didn’t feel as if there were any surprise elements, you know the kind where you say “Holy Elf Doo-Doo! I didn't see that coming!" I like at least a few surprises in my books especially ones that actually make sense. I felt like I made a big enough accomplishment by just finishing the book-I came close to not finishing it but that's not really my style, I like to at least give a book a chance to redeem itself but unfortunately that never happened.


Thanks to ATWT and the publisher for allowing me to view this ARC in return for my honest opinion.

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