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Misery by Stephen King
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Nov 27, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: absolute-favorites, didnt-expect-to-love-it-but-did

I loved it! What a masterfully crafted tale. It had everything to restore my faith in Stephen King. Even though I consider myself a huge reading fanatic, I had never read Stephen King. I had heard so much about him, witnessed people gushing about his talent, and he was sooo popular that as a rule I deliberately ignored him. But last year, I got introduced to him through Rose Madder. A book that he never should have written, in my opinion.

Though I didn't like that one, I told myself that I'm not going to form my opinion about his worth as a writer unless I read at least one other book by him. Oh, thank heavens my lucky starts were looking after me, and I got my hands on Misery!

I LOVED IT. This book made me a fan. And I'm in for life. The class of craft with which he has shown the misery of the protagonist, and sometimes the helpless evil-ness of antagonist, it does something to your heart.

Suspense is in every page of the book, and it so so so freaking realistic and, what a chilling interpretation of the most ugly human emotional sicknesses. Nobody could have done it better. And there are is no cheating in the book. He did not thrust a happy ending nor he went out of his way to create a tragic ending, as I was fearing.

After a VERY long time I found a book that was ballsy enough to look me in the eye and say "Do not even start to think about doubting me. I'm more than what your accumulative imagination can ever hope to produce. Just sit back, while I weave my magic. You dont stand a chance."

I sat back, and let it ravish me!

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