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Troubletwisters by Garth Nix
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Jaidaith and Jackaran find themselves suddenly staying with their grandmother when their house accidentally blows up. The twins’ dad had finally come home after one of his many, long business trips and suddenly there’s a typhoon in the house! City officials labeled it a gas explosion but Jaide and Jack know something is hinky. Off they go to stay with their paternal grandma, whom they have never met, until their house is rebuilt. Grandma’s bizarre house makes doors and signs appear then disappear, she has strange pets and the twins only know her name as Grandma X. Garth Nix’s fantasy writing powers, first seen in The Old Kingdom series (also known as the Abhorsen trilogy), are undimmed in this novel and Sean William’s science fiction writing blends seamlessly with Nix’s. The fantasy genre can be overdone these days, but Nix and Williams put a new spin on familiar tropes of twins, weather magic and tie it in with your average, everyday familial spats and dysfunction. Well-paced, the story will keep readers breathlessly turning pages to discover the mystery behind the Jaide and Jack’s family secrets. Diverse character interactions, including a pair of cats that serve as foils for the twins, ensure this story does not become tedious. The worthwhile theme of family preservation (and of course, good versus evil) pushes this well-developed plot with creative twists and turns. First in the series, this book is highly recommended for public libraries/school libraries.


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