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The Wedding Gift by Kathleen McKenna
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Nov 27, 2011

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I don't read a whole lot of things in the romance genre, but I decided to try The Wedding Gift out because it's a ghost story and I do love a good ghost story. It's actually not much of a romance novel, either. It's sort of its own thing - part coming of age tale, part ghost story, part humor. While this book is never going to win any Important Literary Awards, it was really fun to read.

Leeann has to be one of the most empty-headed, self-centered, flibbertigibbets I've ever encountered. She's the kind of girl I would get away from as fast as I could in real life. I'll admit that for the first several chapters I didn't think I could take her, but I really wanted to know more about the story and, then, out of the blue, I found that I liked Leeann and that kept me reading.

There's a monied snooty family, there's a mansion where a mass murder took place that is considered haunted, there's the death of Leeann's brother at that very same mansion, and there lots of people making lots of poor choices. Yet somehow it all comes together in the end. Leeann grows up a bit, finds her true love, and becomes a lot more interesting as a person. There's hope for her beyond the beauty pageants.

I also really liked Leeann's family - her mother and father were utterly believable and great characters in their own right. I adored Leeann's best friend, Jessie - she's the kind of best friend everyone should have - smart, sassy, adventurous, her own person.

The ghost story is pretty scary, but also really sad (as is the mystery). There are just enough twists and turns to keep you hooked and wanting to know more - all the way up to the end.

I didn't expect to like this book as much as I did, but it was lots of fun to read and forced me past some of my own narrow-minded assumptions about self-absorbed Corn Princesses.

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