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Why I'm Afraid of Bees by R.L. Stine
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Nov 27, 11

Read in November, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Shadai Austin
November 2011
Why I’m Afraid Of Bees
R.L Stine

Gary is nice. Gary is bullied. He is scared of bees. His sisters cat hates him and he is afraid of her cat. Gary wishes that he can die or switch lives with someone else. He has blond hair. He is very short. Gary is also good at math.

Dirk Davis, is his enemy. Dirk isn’t afraid of anything or anyone. The only thing he is afraid of is failing. He switched lives with Gary so he wont fail. He has blond hair too. He likes to surf. He is good at skateboarding also but it isn’t his thing. He is mean and he is a bully.

Gary and Dirk Davis went to a place called Person To Person where you can switch lives with someone if you don’t like yours ! Gary found out about that place because when he was online playing a game trying to get his mind off of things, he found a advertisement of it and he wrote down the address. The next morning he went there and he asked the lady all about it. She gave him a photo album to see who he wanted to switch lives with. He liked the way Dirk look so he picked Dirk. The lady showed Dirk what Gary looked like and Dirk didn’t like the way he looked but he knew he was smart. Dirk said okay and when they were switching bodies, a bee went into the machine and Gary turned into a bee !

My lesson is that when you don’t like your life don’t try to throw it away like Gary did. Gary almost messed his life up only for 2 causes. Dirk also could have messed up his life trying to switch lives with someone smart. I think Gary learned his lesson and wont do that again.

The whole story was taken place at Gary’s house, Dirk’s house, and Person To Person. The times were in the Evening, Morning, And Night. When it was morning they were at Gary’s house. When it was Evening it was taken place at person to person and Dirks house. At night, they were near Gary’s house in the bee hive when Gary was a bee.

In the beginning, Gary was just a regular kid who didn’t want people to bully him. He was very smart but didn’t make smart decisions. He tried to make it last, but when he got tired of people bullying him he had to make a change. He went on his computer to get his mind off of things and when he opened up his favorite game that he was trying to beat, a advertisement popped up and it said “ Person To Person “ ‘’ Want Your Life To Change ? . . . “ ‘’ Come to this address? ‘’ So he wrote down the address and went the next morning.

He walked in and saw a lady. She told him all about it. She asked him is he sure he wants to switch lives with someone else. He said yes and she showed him a photo album of other people who want to switch lives with someone else. He picked Dirk Davis. He thought Dirk Davis looked cool and doesn’t get picked on.

The next day, the woman called Dirk Davis and asked him to come to the building. He came 30 minuets later and she told him about the switch. She showed him a picture of Gary and how he looked. Dirk didn’t like the way he looked, but he knew he was smart so he said he would switch lives because Dirk needed to pass and he knew he was failing. When they were switching lives, a bee fell into the machine and Gary turned into a bee and Dirk turned into Gary. Gary didn’t find out into he looked at his reflection in the window. Gary didn’t know that Dirk could hear him until Dirk said okay shut up. Gary was happy that he could hear him even though he was a bee. Gary didn’t like the bee life, but Dirk would not give him his life back. So Gary stung him, and suddenly remembered that bees die when they loose their stinger. A few seconds later, Gary was sitting in his bed and in his home.

In the beginning of the story, Gary was nice and afraid of bees. He was also afraid of his sisters cat. In the end of the story Gary was still nice. He wasn’t afraid a bee because he was a bee once. He was still scared of his sisters cat though. Gary didn’t get bullied anymore like he did in the beginning of the story.

Gary’s problems are solved by him not getting bullied anymore. He doesn’t get bullied anymore because when Dirk was in his body, Dirk stood up to the boys that were bullying him. Also he isn’t scared of bees anymore. That solves stuff because every time he saw a bee he ran inside of his house.


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