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Outside In by Maria V. Snyder
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Nov 27, 2011

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bookshelves: action, sci-fi
Read from November 26 to 27, 2011

** spoiler alert ** welllllll... things aren't going so well after the sheep revolution... establishing a new committee to run things, they just argue things to death, and decisions are extremely slow to made, if ever... uppers and lowers are not meshing, the lowers are unhappy and day by day fewer and fewer are showing up to work...

and then there is an explosion that damages the engines that navigates and propels the ship, and many are hurt... ultimately, the Travas have continued to be in communication with the Outside, and the Outsiders are people from their planet that had been exiled (we never find out why)... they were placed in lesser ships, without enough supplies, and have been chasing the Cube ever since - conspiring with the Travas as Controllers to regain control - and their plan is to do to the Insiders as had been done to them - place them in ships, and exile them, taking over their home.

Trella starts as advisor to council, then resigns that position - she is afraid to make decisions, and doesn't want th responsibility. She explores the new region she discovered, and finds a ship (that can carry 1,000 people we find out later)... but before she shares her knowledge, the transmitter is damaged.

Trella doesn't know who to trust - she reacts, she sees, but she doesn't think things through. she is with her mother, who betrayed her father, and later her (although not to quite to the same extent). She spends a lot of time with her mother in the infirmary - and bit by bit she comes to trust her and to be happy she is her mother. Logan realizes someone is tampering with the computers, and when another explosion targets him, she barely is able to rescue him - with burns to her body.

She manages to align with the right people, and to understand that the Outsiders are in... she is captured, they have a pain collar to track and control her, she escapes and organizes people to fight back - there are 20,000 of them and only 500 Outsiders, foiling their control over the air system, where they planned to gas out any dissenters. And Reilly is back, and she fully trusts him ahhhhh
Periodically she ruminates on how things should be run different - and she thinks to reorganize the people by families, not uppers and lowers... to allow all to have a vote... and each family to make up a council... One can choose where they want to work, but once decided they work all aspects of the area - from computers, to the labor... and all take a 4-hour shift in the sanitation muck - which works to once every 19 years. It ends with her election as Admiral, and then mated and in Reilly's arms. ahhhh

an interesting alternate world, with questions as to the whys and whatfors, but the story is about one young woman in this world, when they are still 7/10ths away from the destination - many generations forward - before they are where their progenitors intended them to be. hmmmmm

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