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The Legend of Johnny Appleseed by Martin Powell
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Johnny Appleseed wanders around America, planting apple trees and performing increasingly unlikely feats in this tall tale. This graphic novel begins with a biographical tone but devolves into fantastical hearsay before ending on a note of returned friendship, as earlier characters repay Johnny’s previous kindness. Johnny’s good-natured attitude, strong morals, and altruism contribute to this wholesome story. The panels and speech balloons work harmoniously together, as the panels accurately depict what is being described with a combination of the American outdoors, movement, good deeds, or positive interaction. Like the story, the illustrations are believable when they need to be and somewhat unrealistic when the story is fantastical, such as Johnny Appleseed walking over a rainbow. What makes this graphic novel a quality educational resource is the back matter. Not only does the book contain a factual Johnny Appleseed timeline and a glossary for an expanding vocabulary, but it also has teaching resources such as discussion questions and writing prompts. One of the discussion questions asks readers to discuss one of the text’s main themes of distinguishing probable fact from fiction, a valuable critical thinking and reading skill. Additionally, this graphic novel is compatible with Accelerated Reader programs. This graphic novel is recommended as an educational resource or as an enjoyable read for children ages eight to ten.

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