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Story of L by Debra Hyde
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Jan 18, 12

Read from December 16, 2011 to January 14, 2012

STORY OF L is a lesbian retelling of the erotic classic, STORY OF O, and I must say that I liked Ms. Hyde's version much more that the original. In STORY OF L, Liv is searching for a way to satisfy "The Void" she has within her. The casual kinky play she engages in at the lesbian BDSM club, Hippolyte's, is only a temporary fix for what she really craves. Liv struggles with her kinky identity. Is she happy as a switch? A bottom?

One night at the club, she meets Cassandra, a well-known Mistress who's been in the lifestyle for decades. The scene they share together is powerful; Liv has finally found the person that can satisfy her hunger.

Cassandra has long been looking for a sexual submissive (or a "darling"), but no one has met her standards yet. She wants someone to be a permanent fixture in her life as she grows older, knowing that despite her status in the community, older faces in the scene are being replaced by new ones.

When Liv learns that Cassandra is interested in her, she is ecstatic. But, she knows that Cassandra will not be an easy Mistress to please. With the help of Cassandra's assistant Reese, Liv's submission is put to the test.

I really enjoyed Liv and Cassandra's unconventional love story. The characters in this book were strong and multidimensional, including the secondary characters. The story is told from Liv's point of view, so we really get a sense of what she's thinking and feeling as she's tested. Liv is no pushover; she has her own hard limits and her own questions about Cassandra that must be answered. Even though we don't get Cassandra's prospective, we learn a lot about her. Yes, she's a hard dominant, but she also has vulnerabilities she shares with Liv.

The supporting cast was important to the story too. I loved Quinn and Reese, in particular. Quinn was a close friend of Liv's, and she stood by her even though she had doubts about Cassandra. And Reese? Well, Reese was a key player in helping Liv through her journey to Cassandra. We get to see Reese experience his own awakening as well.

In addition to the great characters and story, the kink in STORY OF L is very hot! Sometimes I have a difficult time labeling degrees of intensity, so I'll say that this book contains more advanced BDSM practices, including fisting, electrical play and caning. The BDSM scenes were very well done, and the non-kinky love scenes were sexy too.

One of my favorite quotes from the book:

"Because without personage, submission is nothing more than obliteration."

This is such a powerful statement! I love it. STORY OF L is a compelling look at a Dominant/submissive relationship with lots of emotion and plenty of heat. Highly recommended! Story: 4½ stars; Heat: 4½ stars.

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