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Visions of Skyfire by Regan Hastings
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Dec 03, 11

Read from November 29 to December 03, 2011

This is a good series if your into stories that focus more on the sex then the story line.

I was hoping that this book would be better the the first. But it really wasn't. I still think that the main story line is a good one. I like the whole reincarnation time after time so the witches get it right, and the Eternals waiting to finally be joined with their witches, collect the Artifact and safe the world. But I thought this story was lost in the "Mating" and Rune's, Eternal/Warrior, constant battle of hard feelings of the past and his desire to protect and screw his witch.

I like books that are driven on adventure and battles. This one is more driven on the "Mating". I get that it is an important part of the story, but I felt this book was too focused on it. For instance, one chapter was five page devoted only to their "mating", which was after she was almost raped and the battle that ensued to save her was barely over a page long. Personally, I don't care for reading sex scenes, I prefer the doing myself, it more satisfying.

The main story line really didn't get going until more the half way through the book. And then it was rushed through. Kellyn, villain, was dropped from the story in favor of Parnell. Who turns out the be one of the first Eternals created and supposedly destroyed be Balen. Cool! A villain that would be more of a equal to Rune. The battle should be better, but it was short and non detailed.

The one other problem I had with the story was the Awakening is to be completed in the turn of the moon, pointed out at the end of "Vision of Magic", and I really didn't catch that, mostly because it was stated at the end. The moon cycle is 28 days, but they are given 30 days to complete it. How does that work? Tried as I might, that was a detail I couldn't get past.

I think this could be a great story, if it were rewritten with more focus on the journey of the "Awakening", and a little less on the "Mating" for the "Awakening". But that's just me. Like I said, I like that type of book.

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