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May 24, 2012

it was amazing
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As far as Bible's go, I would say that this one would have to be my personal favorite. It is an excellent translation and has many great study notes. When they came out with the NIV in the 1980's, I was amazed at how much better I could understand it compared to the KJV that I was forced to read as a child.

In general, the Bible is kind of preachy and the Old Testament has a lot of laws... like not shaving the sides of your head or getting tattoos (boy have I messed up.) There is a lot of bloodshed, violence and war that I don't particularly care for. One might wonder why God allowed this or still allows things like this to continue... or for that matter, why did he allow the problem of sin into the world to begin with. You may be saying that it is because God gave man the option to exercise free will. But if you think about it God had all of eternity past to plan and to get it right. If you believe the Bible to be truth, everything is a part of God's plan and God knows all. He knew what was going to happen when he placed man in the garden with the forbidden fruit and the serpent and what man's choice would be. Am I right? So was evil and the resulting sin a part of God's plan? If I think about it too much, my frail human mind begins to hurt.

If you plan on reading the Bible all the way through, be careful not to get bogged down in Leviticus. I suggest skipping around. Some of these Herculean stories are kind of cool and fun to read, even if you don't believe them. You may be reading the Bible because you have recently converted to Christianity. In this case, many Christians will point you to certain verses of scripture to back up claims, doctrines or statements of faith. I strongly suggest reading the entire chapter surrounding these verses in order to avoid compounding the error of taking something out of context. When in doubt, reference other translations and Biblical commentaries. If you are a Christian, I would highly recommend compiling your own doctrinal position based on your own comprehensive study of the Bible as opposed to blindly accepting religious positions, no matter how widely accepted they may be.

Some of the great dangers of the Bible would be the narrow-minded, blind followers that misquote scripture and use it out of context to back up their own personal or political agendas. People have misused the Bible for their own gain for centuries... for example, society has used it to justify slavery and the mistreatment of women. Many of today's judgmental fundamentalists use it as justification to condemn and look down their noses at people.

Some of the teachings of Jesus are way cool, and anyone would do well to incorporate these into their personal life. One might wonder if Jesus were to come back today, whether he would recognize himself in the way he is portrayed by Religion. Sadly, he has become an ideology to many rather than the friend that he claims to be in John 15 (pages 1626 and 1627 in your study Bible.)
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Sara Don't worry, He isn't an ideology to me. He's my friend. I'm still learning a lot about Him, of course, but that's the awesome part. Besides the fact that no matter where I am He is with me and can talk to me. I still think that is so cool.

message 2: by Bex (new)

Bex Excellent review. :) I just bought this version of the Bible, mostly to see what the fuss is all about. That, and I'm very interested in the teachings of Jesus and how Christianity can apply today without all the judgement and misuse, as you said in your review. :) And like the commenter before me (Saved By Grace I believe) I'm starting to think of Jesus as a friend too. That whole ideology is shattering for me, Thank God. :) Anyway, just wanted to say that I liked your review.

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