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Cut by Patricia McCormick
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Nov 26, 2011

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Patricia McCormick
ISBN: 0439324599
160 pages

"normal" would probably be one's impression of Callie - a 15 year old teen that would never been associated with "sick minds" . Just like any teenager, she attends school and is very much involved in her school community both academically and athletically. However, in her household -- the dynamic is very much the opposite. The domino effect sums up her family dynamic; an absent father, jobless mother and a very ill brother combined, calls for a troubled home. So how does Callie manage to do well in her academics with little attention from her family in the midst of an uncomfortable family situation? Above all, Callie has her own problem. An addiction problem that is.

In this novel written by Patricia McCormick, young adult readers are reminded of troubles teenagers face, and truly emphasizes the impact of a troubled family in a teenagers' life. Set in between the 1980's-1999, the purity of the conflicts remain by the use author's writing in 1st person. From the Callie's silence when she first enters the correctional facility to the precise moment she cuts too deep and screams for help, the reader feels the utmost suspension throughout the plot line. As the novel progresses, we learn that our evanescence impression of Callie seems almost deceiving. We realize that her refusal to talk during group therapy, and lack of social skills is merely not out of stubbornness but more out of her insecurities.

The intense plot line will draw you in from the 1st page into the inner thoughts of the unique characters McCormick. Easy read,sensitive topic, and would definitely recommend this book to any young adult readers

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