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Meet Your Match by Stephanie Fowers
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Jul 14, 2008

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Read in July, 2008

A compelling argument for why writers should throw out their first novel. This was a vast improvement over "Rules of Engagement," her first book. Overall, the characters were better developed and less annoying, the narrative less rambling, the dialogue more believable and coherent, and the plot less deserving of eye-rolling.
That being said, I gave this book three stars with the understanding that it was good for an LDS novel. That doesn't mean it was a great book. It still had many flaws, but I was able to overlook them much more easily than with her previous book. Foremost among my complaints is that the characters (other than physical description and names) were pretty much identical to her last book. Seriously, are people at BYU THAT stereotypical? (No, the author just failed to branch out and give us new characters). Also, the plot was painfully transparent. I mean, it's chick lit, I kind of expect to see where things are going, but you don't have to go into great detail revealing "the twist" that we all saw coming a mile away. That bugged. And then of course, there was the flirt factor. Seriously, I've been in singles wards...they really don't revolve ENTIRELY around flirting and gossiping, as the author would have us believe. And, I also don't buy the whole "guys are clueless to girls' catty exchanges" idea. The meanness between the main character and her nemesis was pretty blatant, and I just don't buy girls being that openly mean to each other. Cold war, yes. Catty jibes, not so much.
Anyway, I'm nitpicking now (I just finished it, so details are fresh on my mind), but overall, I would say if you feel strongly compelled to read an LDS chick-lit book, this is probably your best choice, but don't expect too much.

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