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Faith by Jennifer Haigh
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Nov 25, 11

This was a discovery of my Goodreads friend Carl, and I really enjoyed it. It's the story of a priest accused of sexual molestation of a young boy (ho hum, right? ). But the story is told from the various perspectives of the accused priest, and his adult siblings: a brother and sister. Of course the accusation rocks the family by its very foundation and everyone goes through their own various stages of disbelief, fear, doubt, faith, annoyance, and embarrassment. You may think you have heard enough of this scandal and that there's nothing more to hear. I would have thought so too.

But first, all of the characters in this story are interesting and likable. I found myself having empathy for each of them, despite their various flaws. Secondly, nothing is clear cut, so there's no neat division between the saints and sinners in this story. I just found myself interested in the family dynamics as much as anything else. And finally, the story is set in Boston and the characters are mostly old-time dyed-in-the-wool Irish Catholics, giving the story the quaint appeal of local color and a time gone by.

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