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Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward
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Jun 17, 2008

it was ok
Recommended for: Black Dagger Brotherhood fans only need apply
Read in June, 2008

Man, I'm trying really hard to like this book. I've been reading a few pages a night (it's been a busy week and I'm too tired to concentrate). But I think I may be getting over this series. The "hip" language is starting to get to me. The author sounds less bad-ass and more like your dad trying to "keep it real" while he's driving you and your friends to the mall, and you're in the back of the minivan rolling your eyes. And the one Lesser's Southern accent/thought process keeps coming and going, often in the same paragraph. And did he really say "w'all" as a contraction for "we all"?? I've lived in the South for 33 of my 35 years, and I've never heard that.

Anyway, I'll probably finish it up this weekend when I have some more reading time. Usually, the storytelling can get me over the annoyance I feel at this writer's tics. I hope it works for this one.


GOD, this book was awful. Boring. I just... wow, I was glad to finish it. I think back on the earlier volumes in this series, where I stayed up late to finish them, reading the whole thing in two nights at the most. This took the better part of a week, mostly because I had to keep putting it down because I was so bored.

The Phury/Cormia story was nice, although I kind of felt like we were rehashing the whole Primale-who-doesn't-want-to-be-a-Primale thing in Vishous's story last time. I know it was kind of against the whole HEA concept, but I was more annoyed at Phury for not following through than I was rooting for him and Cormia. I just wanted one of these guys to do their damn job.

The whole Rehv/Xhex subplot has never captured my interest, so all the time spent with them just bored me.

I pretty much wanted to set Mr. D on fire. What the hell was up with his "accent"? I mentioned the "w'all" before, and then there was the use of "y'all" as a singular. And then there were all the times that the "Southern" started to sound more like "Ebonics." If you don't know how to write Southern characters, don't do it. That's all I'm sayin'.

I didn't mind the subplot with the boys, but I didn't like it enough to notice that this novel with the name "Lover" in the title with a sexeh picture on the cover devoted about 1/4 of the total page count to the couple in question.

Thanks for the ride, JR Ward, but this seems to be my stop. If I miss the series, I'll go back and re-read Rhage's book or Z's. But I don't see getting any new ones in this series.
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message 1: by Laura (new)

Laura Hi, Jeneral--

What you may be noticing with this one is Ward's move away from romance and toward urban fantasy. Like I said in my review, only about 15% of the novel is about Phury and Cormia. I'm not a fan of urban fantasy and don't care for any of the secondary characters in this series. But the love story is really wonderful between Phury and Cormia, and the ending is perfect IMO. That made the entire novel worthwhile for me. So stick with it if you are into the Phury/Cormia plot. You'll love the way it ends!

Laura Stamps
Author of Paranormal Romance and Erotica Novels (to read excerpts from my novel series)

Jennifer Yeah, it's definitely moving away from the romance genre, but the problem with that is (at least for me) that I just don't buy her "bad ass" narrative voice. It's really too bad, because her romantic voice was always really good (Rhage/Mary springs to mind, as well as Z/Bella), and even in the earlier volumes of the series I kind of speed-read a lot of her "action" parts.

It's kind of disappointing. This was a series where I would suck down the latest volume in a couple evenings. With this one, I'm reading for about a half hour and putting it down. It's just not sustaining my interest, you know? But I am definitely sticking around for the ending. Especially since you say it's worth it. :-)

message 3: by Laura (new)

Laura Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. For me this series is all about the original brothers. So I looked for this novel to give me closure, and it did. I wanted to see all of them happy with their mates. And it gave me that for Phury, which was wonderful.

I say "closure" because I am finished with this series. I'm not a fan of the younger brothers or all the secondary characters. Like you, the new tone of the novels just doesn't hold my attention any longer.

But if you are looking for closure for the original brothers, you will love the ending. No kidding. It's perfect for Phury and very sweet it brought tears to my eyes. Really. In fact here's what I did (I'm such a bad girl, but I couldn't help it *grin*). I have always skipped the Lesser sections (too one-dimensional for bad guys). Halfway through this novel I knew all I cared about was Phury and Cormia and Z (since he was very involved in the Phury/Cormia plot), so I only read the sections dealing with those 3 and skipped the rest. And it saved the novel for me. So if it starts to drive you nuts you can always do that. Worked great for me and gave me complete satisfaction! *big smile*

Laura Stamps
Author of Paranormal Romance and Erotica Novels (to read excerpts from my novel series)

message 4: by Hanna (new)

Hanna well I guess I stopped reading them at a good time then. I was just in it for the romanticness and that managed to overcome the annoying way they talk...and act.

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