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Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
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Jun 08, 2008

really liked it
Recommended to That Girl by: A whole of lot webbers.
Recommended for: Anyone willing to try it out - like it or not.

After seeing so many recommendations for the Twilight series, I finally picked it up one random day at the bookstore. From the first few chapters, I was able to accept that the author had good diction. That is one of the most important things I look for when I read a book.

In my own personal, limited experiences reading Vampire romance stories (many in which I've forgotten because they were either too long ago, fan fictions, written by other people behind computer screens, too erotic-based, too bondage-styled or so bland I'd forgotten), the Twilight series seems to have the best effect on me. I think though, that it has to do with the fact that I love how Edward contradicts himself because of his strong desires. One example is Edward knowing he could lose control and kill Bella for the blood that sings and lures her to him and because of that, he both wants her to be with him yet also wants her to save both of them by staying away from him.

What I really love most about the series is the fact that the Vampires in it are not the kind of Vampires I've read in so many other stories. It's nice to actually have a variety of Vampires so they don't always look like bats (Dracula) or just fanged-humans, etc. They're more civil than the average civilians (although there are those who aren't) and well, pleasant.


One reason I can think of why so many people love the series if probably the idea that the Edward character is completely desireable in all ways yet at the same time, completely desires Bella. I think many girls like the idea of that kind of man desiring them and at the same time, desiring that kind of man.

I do find the series very anti-climatic except for the last hundred pages but I enjoy the warm feelings of romance between the two main characters. I've read many reviewers did not find their relationship to be a romantic one but I did. I based that on my own feelings - whether or not I felt the romantic feelings between two people or if I felt more lust. Occassionally, there was lust tossed in (mentioned by Edward as "teenage hormones" or something to that matter) but I won't dig in any deeper but regardless, I accept everyone's thoughts about it.

What I don't find attractive, is Edward's over analytic personality. I find that in reality, people who over analyze whatever falls into their hands, are very bitter people because in the end, they only end up thinking about themself. I also find the over descriptive thoughts of Bella's toward Edward over-cooked but I can live with that - thinking the author just wanted us to see and feel what Bella feels. On the other hand, I also find Bella's dependancy on Edward and her lack of consideration for her future a little disturbing. I don't find this to be something that girls would end up expecting for their lives or to follow in, but I think there should've been more motivation on her part and at the same time, more from Edward as well. But then again, I don't want to go ahead and analyze everything or there would be no books I like (or no humans I'd like either).

I would definately recommend this series (and I have done so) to anyone interested. Even those who have no interest in Vampire-related stories. I like hearing what people have to say about the books I like after they've read them and from their positive or negative views, I can better understand or see from different perspectives. Books are great.
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