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The Legacy by Becca Ritchie
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Nov 24, 11

Wynter Chelsea: The Legacy by Becca Michelle Ritchie is an interesting read. At times I find myself wanting to put this book down, however, I picked it right back up.

This book is really interesting with a very old legend about the Wynter and Chelsea’s family. I find it intriguing to learn about their families’ legacy and what they do for a living. The way that the legacy and the story is described, it makes me feel like I know what exactly is happening and that I am part of the story too.

I kind of have a love-hate relationship for Amanda and Dustin. I find myself yelling at the book hoping that Amanda and Dustin can just BE together. Although they may be friends since they were really young, I feel like that should bring them even closer together. I wished they could be together as a couple. (If they are not together in the next novel, I think I might have to yell some more!)

I did not really like the action scenes as much because I feel like those parts happened too quickly. I also felt that it lack a few details here and there because of the shortness of the action. I wished those parts are described more in detail.

My favorite part of this novel is where Amanda learns about their families’ history and what part she plays in the legacy. I think that was what drew me in the most after knowing this is a book I had to pick up.

Wynter Chelsea: The Legacy is a fascinating read. It really sets the book up quickly and draws you in to know about what the legacy between the two families is.

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