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The Affinity Bridge by George Mann
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Jan 15, 2012

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Almost four stars... The steampunk-Victorian setting was nicely done, and Mann's action scenes are particularly good, not too much detail so they're fast yet enough nitty-gritty to give you a front row seat. Though the characters themselves are trope-ish, being very Victorian English and suited to their roles, its done in a good way - it's what I wanted and it was fitting. The language/writing style is likewise very appropriate. So why only the three stars? The main plot... it has been done countless times over in many, many science fiction books, films, comics, etc. Some even nearly identical (Deadlands "Hell on Earth" comes to mind... it being Steampunk also and published long before The Affinity Bridge. But not just there - long before that and still used a lot, Dick's "Mind Screw", Episodes of Star Trek, the latest Battlestar Galactica - the Hybrids, Saberhagen in the "Berzerker" stories, Mr. NG from "Snow Crash" the list goes on...). So in this respect, kind of a let-down, because I'd figured out the affinity bridge pretty much right away... so no pat on the back for my own deductions gleaned from the book. Despite this, I did enjoy reading the whole novel - which says a lot. If you like the classic British steampunk stories, this is a must read.

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