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Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel
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May 24, 12

it was amazing
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I absolutely adored this novel. From the start of the novel you instantly see how strong of character Nora is. She does not care for the class system, breaks out of the cast made for her as a woman, and is evidently individual in a society where standing out results from public disgrace.
Lia Habel's writing in the first chapter, describing Bram's horrors is dark and unnerving, and eloquently picturesque, drawing you into the narrative instantly.
Every novel has some flaws; I will commend Ms. Habel for writing so beautifully that I did not notice this until after contemplating the world post-read. I feel that the reasoning behind the Victorian shape reform of North America was lacking, and this would have been solved had she introduced a flat character (a character used to further the story/or develop another “round” character better) whom was the founder of this society, then giving us an insight into his/her reasoning’s or obsession with this era that made it so ideal for the new beginning. I am still giving this novel 5 stars though, because this is actually an extremely minor point once you are involved in the story, and other characters strengths make up for the small hole in the setting.
As a young adult author I am glad that Lia Habel didn’t hesitate to use some uncommon language occasionally throughout the story. I honestly love being perplexed by a word and needing to look it up in a dictionary (let’s get real people, if you can’t be bothered to look a word up when you’re reading you should probably calm down and pull out your smart phone and take the ten seconds anyways), and then being intrigued once the meaning has been revealed to me.
Now, let’s get to the romance. I am in love with the infatuation between Bram and Nora. I caught myself smiling or laughing, or melting on the inside numerous times from the different interactions between the two of them, and the changes they both underwent in the short time they knew/got-to-know each other. Another thing, they did not fall in love in the week or so that this story took place, they fell in-like. After all they had experienced with the disease, why not fight for the little happiness you find for yourself. That is what these two are doing. Not leaping in front of vampires and werewolves the second their eyes meet risking their lines for one another. No, their relationship went from a thing of hatred on Nora’s part, to an intoxication and beautifully alluring attraction.

Now, hopefully Lia Habel will have the sense of mind to avoid the cliché love triangle infamous to book two in young adult trilogies.
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Lia Habel
“Real ladies can give orders, Real gentlemen can take them, and Real zombies don’t eat brains.”
Lia Habel, Dearly, Departed

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