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Bad Boys Do by Victoria Dahl
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Nov 23, 2011

it was amazing
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Read from November 23 to 24, 2011

I feel bad that this is the first book I read of this series! I got an e-copy of the book from NetGalley, but I'm glad I did! I'm defiantly going to be ordering the first one next week, and the 3rd one comes out in less than a week! YEAH!

I was happy that I started with Jamie's story though! Because I am IN LOVE with this boy! ok so he's 29 years old, but he is an Awesome Flirt!

The book starts off with Olivia Bishop's book club at the Donovan Brother's Brewery - since her devoice a year ago, she hasn't had a chance to get out and meet anyone, she doesn't want to date, but she wants to find a few friends to hang out with, girlfriends.

So she spent a good 2 weeks or so memorizing the book and making notes, so she was ready to meet up with these women. After all, even if they don't have anything else in common, at least they'll have the book. So it wouldn't be a total bust... right??

WELL that is until she gets there. lol They don't really talk about the book ... much - they're there to flirt with the sexy bartender , Jamie- The first Wednesday of every month when they show up (for the last year) he wears his kilt. The man constructed of nothing but charm and beauty. All and all, this guy is the biggest flirt! He really knows how to turn on the charm and get the ladies to smile :)

Olivia doesn't really like the taste of beer, so when Jamie stepped in front of her as she came out of the bathroom, he offered her a different type of beer. One that wasn't as strong. And she was surprised that she actually didn't hate it :)

But it was wrong of her to think he was actually interested in her. He is fun to enjoy for a girls' night out, but definitely not something to feel flattered by. She knew that from painful experience.
he was there flirting with everyone. For Sure he could get any girl he wants... and her ex-husband said she was boring, and not fun. So why would this gorgeous guy be hitting on her?? It was ridiculous.

Jamie - everyone seems to misjudge him. This poor guy.

Since I didn't read the first book first (But I will soon) I don't know exactly what happened. I do know that it's Tessa's story, and how she met Luke. Tessa and Luke in this book are now together and happy. And Luke is the leading Decretive/cop in the investigation from the robbery a few months ago..

Now we're getting Jamie's side of the story of what REALLY happened that night -

Jamie is determined to turn over a new leaf. Everything thinks he's a player, and can't do anything right. Especially his older brother Eric. Jamie wants to change things around with the family restaurant, but Eric has shot down every idea he's run past him. But Jamie has to find a way to convince Eric and Tessa that his ideas are really good. If only they'd take him seriously.

Jamie decides to take up a course on food and beverage management to find out the details he needs to prove that he's serious about his ideas. Maybe JUST Maybe Eric and Tessa would give him a little credit if he could figure out how to do this beforehand.

That's when Jamie notices Olivia is the teacher of this class. It's not a credited class. Just information that will help those that are looking for knowledge and work towards a dream of opening a restaurant, or expanding their own.
It was exactly the kind of class Jamie had been looking for. He had plenty of ideas, but he needed to understand the practicality of it. It was an added bonus that Olivia Bishop was going to be the one teaching it to him.

After class, Jamie approached Olivia. It made her nervous. After all, she just flirted with him a couple of days ago at his bar. She tried to stay professional about his being in her class, But she failed :)
After politely rejecting Jamie’s invitation to go out, he left.

When she got a phone call from her ex, asking about a going away party, Olivia is upset. She just KNOWS he is going to be there flaunting his new sexy 25 year old girlfriend in her face. She doesn't care that he's dating anyone, she just thinks it RUDE how he's always throwing it in her face. But there is ONE thing she might be able to do..

Without thinking she goes over to the Brewery and asks Jamie to go with her to the party.

When they get to the party and Victor, Olivia's ex-husband spots her, he makes his way over to her with his girlfriend. Of course Olivia was offended but too polite to be mean back. But with Jamie on her arm, she can see the steam rising off of Victors skin. He's jealous, and he's not happy about her dating a younger man.

When Jamie pieces everything together and realizes that Olivia had used him by bringing him to the party. Olivia told him that her ex had told her she wasn't fun, and Olivia thought that by going out with Jamie would be something FUN to do. So she invited him more for herself, but throwing it in her ex's face was an added bonus.

So Jamie got the idea to help her learn how to have fun. And in exchange, she was going to help him figure out the information he needed to present Eric and Tessa with his ideas.

GREAT Story! I loved it! Jamie is the biggest sweetheart in the world! He really knows how to have fun, and starting off skinny-dipping in the hot tub during the day sounded like a good FUN way to begin :)

Lots of hot steamy fun in this book :)

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