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Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer
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Jun 26, 2007

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I found this book in a drawer at my old job and started reading it. The first 100 pages are phenomenal! You really feel exuberant reading it and you find yourself cheering him on for the awesome adventures he takes. Then it starts painting more of McCandlesses background and I no longer feel that he is some back to nature davy crocket getting in touch with his spiritual side but rather a self-centered brat who had everything handed to him and not only threw it all away but alienated himself from his family. He let them think he was dead for well over a year and they all worried themselves to death hiring private detectives to find him and the protagonist, being a self absorbed jerk, cares not for their wellbeing.

His reasons for not even letting his parents know he hasn't been killed? Because they pushed him too hard to succeed. What a frigging jerk.

I spent the rest of the book not caring about his fate and more sympathizing for his family who clearly did not deserve the brat they bore.

Also, Jon Krakauer is ridiculously full of himself. The last parts of the book aren't even about McCandless but about Krakauer instead and his adventures. One story to draw a parallel ok, fine. But after it just keeps going you quickly see the writer is every bit self absorbed as was the protagonist. It's like the ending of the book is just one ad after another to buy his other publications that are all about him him him.

It gets a 3 which is being generous but the former half of the book is quite enjoyable. Too bad it goes down the crapper so fast.
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Shelley Kresan I agree with you about McCandless, but Krakauer warns you in the foreword that there is a fair bit about himself in there.

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