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The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall
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Jun 29, 2008

it was ok
Recommended for: No one.
Read in June, 2008

** spoiler alert ** I'm in the middle, wanted to like this book a lot... the start was fantastic, an intriguing look at madness and memory but once we got to the meta physical self indulgence and then in my words "celestine prophecy adventure proving the crazy are really really deep - blah

Still reading but blah blah
Here's a poem I wrote about this book
Lashing out at people who try to justify their craziness as actually mattering to the rest of us.

So, you show me the madness, the loss, the lack, the furtive brain changes
I appreciate you opening the curtain in that deep dark place.
And then, in utter denial, you start your pretense
Your insantity becomes Un Grande Adventure, and worse
You claim your mental spasms presage spritual discovery
My dear deluded brother, I have been there, am there!
I feel the voices, the forces, the body shakes, the doubts, the lack, the loss of structure
and I get up.
I go to work
I feed myself
However haltingly, however trapped
I know there is no wonder at the end of the Black Rainbow
No answer in the mist
It's loss, not gain
Don't show me the Card Trick, the Crystal Ball underneath the ever moving Cups,
don't show me the scraps that might have been some secret answer to the universe
if they weren't merely, only and ever a fragmented imagination
gestalting its Crazy
I hate that Game.
Yeah, you are nuts.
Live with it.

He starts off crazy, turns out his not crazy he is on ...wait for a it... a voyage of discovery to find his dead girlfriend in the mists of ... books... and letters...
all the first 1/3 about him losing his memory and then sending himself letters.. wasted... nothing.. thrown away

then it's the literary celestine prophecy, the Word Smith's Way of the Peaceful Warrior... and just when we might actually have a chance to like this adventure, we for the final third of the book, follow a step by step retelling the fight from Jaws, yes the movie from out of ideas much? For a while I'm dumbfounded and then I realize this is just dumb... the adventure has become a retelling, a truthful retelling of Jaws, as an allegory? No. As a metaphor. No. As an empty plot device to pad out the book so we can find out that his suicide rejoined him with his love of his life in the briny deep? Okee dokee.
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