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Dreadnought by Robert K. Massie
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Jun 06, 08

Read this as research in preparation for my upcoming game design "Towards the Abyss." Excellent historical overview of the events leading up to the outbreak of the Great War (World War I), focusing primarily on Great Britain and Germany. The only two shortcomings I felt the book had was that it (a) presumed the reader was already familiar with the basic internal workings of the Imperial German and British governments, and (b) it often glossed over interesting/important events that didn't primiarily concern either Britain and/or Germany (but would have influenced their decisions -- i.e. the Berlin-Baghdad railway is mentioned, but only in passing, when historically speaking it played a fairly major role in relations with the Ottoman Empire for the two nations concerned). These two minor failings aside, this was an excellent book and I was both informed by and enjoyed reading it.

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