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The Rise of Renegade X by Chelsea M. Campbell
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Nov 22, 2011

liked it

I... was really conflicted about this book. One one hand, I loved it and had a good time, but on the other, I'm cringing and wanting so badly to put this book under a pile of dirty clothes and just... never look at it again.
So, guilty pleasure? yes.

It's got the whole superheroes vs villains theme going on, and with all superhero/villain books, Campbell thought to add in the whole "there's a grey area!" and "change your destiny!" themes. Which isn't wrong; I like a nice cliche when written nicely, but Campbell didn't quite meet those standards for me. It felt like she was trying so hard to convey it as part of Damien characterization, but it's a stereotype that's been overdone and with nothing new to add to it either.
And then there were a few writing choices that I just didn't agree with personally (like explaining a weird fact 'just wanted to bring this up' and then- oh look at that! Plot twist concerning said weird fact!) That, and a few moral opinions I have dealing with loyalty, really made me grimace reading this book.

BUT, other than that, it had a nice sense of humour. Damien is another sarcastic, snarky main character, but Campbell gave him witty lines that I actually smiled at. And, okay, there were quite a few passionate scenes that I liked too. a former fanfic writer? The characters, while some were flat, were tolerable at their worst, and awesome to follow at their best. Campbell managed to create an entire city of superhero/villains that was interestingly new, but still comfortingly familiar with old tropes.

So, not a total waste of time, and the cover is gorgeous, but not exactly what it could be potential-wise.

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