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Holidays Are Hell by Kim Harrison
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Nov 22, 2011

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Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel - Kim Harrison
Rachel and Pierce and Robbie and Mom... Rachel is one of a few who survived a childhood illness that has kept her weak - though she struggles year by year to get stronger, pushing herself, mastering martial arts, etc. She is a strong natural witch, but rather than train more she wants to join the I.S. - paranormal police, following in her father's footsteps. She is 19 and of an age to apply, though too yuoung to do it without mother's signature. Brother Robbie returns from the west coast to take her back to join the university to develop her talent. When he shows her a mster level witchcraft book, she sees a spell to bring back a ghost for a night to talk to... and her brother promises to help her into IS if she can call forth her father and her father gives his blessing... but if she fails or if dad says no she will go to university with him... So she spells the spell, and uses a pocket watch for a piece of her dad, and brings out a ghost - but a 150 year old ghost, Pierce, (original owner of the watch) who had fought a vampire for a child's life, and died - and together they face that same vampire (who has taken another child)... and she captures the vampire in a circle - and with Pierce's gentle encouragement holds onto it until others come to take over before she succumbs ... and her mother throws her support to her, explaining to her brother that she is capable and accepts the challenges ... and the last moments before dawn she spends in Pierce's arms - out of pergatory and to heaven? and and in the watch, Pierce releases a paper from her dad, where dad tells her how proud he is of her. ahhhh

Run, Run Rudolph Lynsay Sands
2nd part of previous short story, about a molecule displacement machine gone wild. Kyle and wife Claire have built a 2nd machine so as to test its long term effects - but evil John (who worked with Kyle) figured out about the new machine, 'hid' Kyle's toddler under the machine in the basement, zapped Jill when she was retrieving toddler... and when she leaves the house, tries to kidnap her (to perform his own tests on her shapeshifting abilities - cruel one, freeze, fire, etc)... Jill is scheduled to play Mrs. Claus to Nick's Santa in a parade - Jill owns a clothing store, Nick owns the shoe store next door - they have been having lunch for 6 months, really enjoying each other's company - but he hasn't asked her to the next step... except after the parade, he has invited her to a christmas party at his sisters, so she has hope.

She escapes John, can't get a hold of her brother, goes to the store, and is guilted into the parade anyway... and concentrating on a calendar mrs santa she shifts into a sexy mrs santa, tells all she is filling in for Jill who had an emergency... and she gets Nick to confide inher when she tells him she is worried about Jill - and finds out that Nick was married - in process of divorcing, and decided off dating for 1 year to give himself time to recover... and that year was up - and he was making his first steps for Jill - and then Jill shifts - and he steps up to help her to evade John... and at one point she shifts to Rudolph to escape John...hmmm and then into a dog hmmmm... and John's psychiatrist sister & brother in law misinterpret John's ramblings about Jill - and take him into custody... ahhhh

Six - Marjorie Liu

Six - Chinese anti-terrorist agent - orphan, raised with other women to be fighting, unfeeling machines...and on an opt, she meets Joseph Besud, necromancer, vampire hunter - and they join together, and she finds a seed inside herself of her own person in his arms... ahhhh

The Harvest - Vicki Pettersson

a strange mythology - hard to work in its precepts in a short story - based on light and dark superpeople, connected to the 12 signs of the astrology... and Zoe Archer (sagitarius) - love of Warren - yet as an agent she becomes the lover of the dark creation - and another spy - and gives birth to each of their daughters without Warren knowing (though he knows the sex) - and I don't think she raised her daughters, and the daughter of the lover of the dark has a baby - and the lover kidnaps it, and she must rescue her - and engages Warren in helping her - She had to give him up, give up her powers, because of the prophecy that this granddaughter of hers is of light and dark, and has the potential of restoring balance... she places her granddaughter with a very loving couple... and makes plans to ultimately destroy the dark creation with the human powers of Tao... but... hmmmm strange story...

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