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Eternity by Maggie Shayne
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Nov 22, 2011

it was amazing
Read from November 22 to 26, 2011

Eannatum Was The Future King Of Lagash And Studied Hard, But His Fellow Student's Did Not Want Any Part Of The Boy Who Would Be King, His Only Friend Was The Girl Who Was Abandoned On The Temple Steps As A Babe And While He Was Groomed To Become The Next King She Was Groomed To Be The Priestess, He Had Guards So They Had To Sneak To Their Special Place To Play So They Could Be Children Without The Prying Eye's Of The Guards And The Priestess Lia. Eventually, Natum Made A Pact With Nibada To Teach Her To Scribe Which Was Forbidden To Any Female And They Became Fast Friends With Her Showing Him The Power That She Was Born With, As They Linked Hands And Filled The River With Fish. Nibada Always Claimed To Be A Goddess But Until That Day Natum Had Never Really Believed Her. At fourteen She Was Almost As Tall As Him And He Could Not Stop Himself From Kissing Her.

Four thousand years later Nathan King Evolved And Lived A Simple Life Away From All Prying Eyes And To Avoid Getting His Heart Cut Out By The Dark Ones, Evil Immortal High Witches Who Lived For Power And Long Life By Taking Another Immortal's Heart. He Had Amassed A Good Sum Of Money Throughout The Years, But He Never Forgot The Girl Who Had Died In A Terrible Fire And Only When He Read The Newspaper That He Felt A Glimmer Of Hope; The Woman In The Paper Looked So Much Like Nibada That He Raced To The Mental Institute To Be Sure.

Nibada had Loved Natum With All That Was In Her But He Had Scorned Her For His Kingdom And Married Another When He Had Promised To Marry Her, And Four Thousand Years Later She Awoke To Face The Man That She Had Sworn To Kill. He Had Given The Order To Kill Her And Their Son But Only She Had Survived, But A Dark One Was Intent On Killing Her And She Did Not Know Who To Trust! Her Heart Said Him, But Her Mind Said To Kill Him And The Institute Had Her Dagger So She Was Defenseless !!

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