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Nov 22, 2011

really liked it
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Read from December 13, 2011 to January 09, 2012

I am so burnt out on Dystopia books. It seriously feels like out of the 10 I have read so far 9 of them have been dystopia. I know that isn’t true but I it sure feels that way. I enjoy dystopia but I really need a break. I had to read this one for review purposes and even with my burnt out state this one stood out like a shining star. I am so glad that I picked it up!

The story is the same set up as with most dystopias nowadays. The Government runs the country and it is not for the better. I am not quite sure why things got so corrupted but they did and now everyone must live by a set of impossible rules set to “help” their country become “one whole family” Ember tries to live by the rules as much as she can, but when soldiers come knocking on her door to take her mom away for violating article 5, having a baby out of wedlock, everything flies out the window. Her only thought is to get to her mom and save her from punishment. Thrown into this mess is the boy she loved, Chase, who was drafted and never came back until the day he shows up to take her mother away.
The story takes off from there with escapes, heists, strange people, and resistance struggles.

Ember really bothered me with her choices throughout this book. Every time she would decide to do something I would just scream at her. I didn’t end up appreciating her until the very end (and I do mean like the last page or so), but I have a feeling she will redeem herself in the next installment. I absolutely loved Chase. I think if the story would have been told in his perspective I would have given it 5 stars hands down. He was something beyond just the hero and when he laid his story out for Ember to see my heart shattered for him. I have never wanted a character to get revenge as much as I want him to.

The ending bothered me though. I think what happened was too convenient and I am not sure I buy it. I wanted more of a show down and I guess that will come to pass in the next installment, but it sorta felt anti-climatic. I know I have listed some pretty big problems but I just can’t seem to give this book anything less than 4 stars. The story itself with all it’s flaws just worked so wonderfully. I will give a warning though, this book is way more of a romance than a dystopia and maybe that is why I loved it so much. If you are looking for a hard core dystopia book look elsewhere. This one is full of romance and stolen kisses, but the outside world does linger in the background making it there but just less so than other books. All in all I enjoyed this one and I can’t wait to read the next!
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Melissa I am so jealous if you!

Crystal LOL =D

Crystal I meant to start it last night but things didn't work out lol, so I am starting it today. I will let you know =) I hope you like it too!

~Tina~ Happy reading! I've never heard of this one before:)

Crystal Thanks! I am really enjoying it so far =)

Crystal My goal is to finish it this week! I have been gone all week and with all the holidays stuff I haven't been able to read =( I am glad that you liked it and I can't wait to get back to it!

~Tina~ Oh! 4stars! It was good then?

Crystal I really like it! Go on over to Corner ;)

message 9: by Arlene (last edited Jan 09, 2012 05:57PM) (new)

Arlene Four stars? GAH! Sign me up for the tour please. I'm down to 4 hours of sleep a night. I can do it! :P

message 10: by Crystal (last edited Jan 09, 2012 05:54PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Crystal LMAO!! Sleep is so overrated XD I will add you =)

message 11: by Arlene (new)

Arlene Thank you! XD

message 12: by ♥Rachel♥ (last edited Jan 10, 2012 12:32PM) (new) - added it

♥Rachel♥ Excellent review Crystal! I've been excited for this one, hearing good things. If it's more of a romance, even better! :)

Btw, too funny about sleep being overrated. I keep saying I'm going to get a good night sleep then I get caught up in a book. I keep telling myself just a few more pages & by the time I'm done it's midnight, or later. I wish we did t require sleep.

~Tina~ Wonderful review! I know what you mean about reading so many dystopia books lately. I'm really excited for this one now:)

Crystal @Rachel thanks! I really hope you like it! I was surprised at how strong the romance was in this one but it was definitely a nice change. LOL I have learned that books trump sleep every time =P I would so turn into Bella just for the no sleeping required rule lol!

@Tina thank you! I am taking a break from dystopia books! At least that is my plan lol. I hope you like it! *fingers crossed*

Jasprit Great review Crystal I'm so glad you liked this. Its been a while since I read a good dystopian and its full of romance and stolen kisses bonus

Crystal Thanks Jaspirt! IMO it is one of the better ones out there but I could just need a romance fix lol =)

message 17: by Lora (new) - added it

Lora Great review, Crystal! I'm interested in reading this now:)

Crystal Thanks Lora! Welcome back!! I hope you like it when you get to it =)

Alexa Wonderful review! Agree with everything. And man, if this was from Chase's POV...omg! <3 :D

Crystal Thanks Alexa! I know right!! I want his POV!!!

Kristy Book #2 had better start of CA-RA-ZAY!!!!!
Great review as always :)

Crystal I agree! I want book 2 NOW!!
Thanks =)

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