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Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs
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Nov 21, 2011

it was ok
Read in November, 2011

Tempest Rising was rather... silly.

Is it redundant for me to call a mermaid story silly? I don't think so. Mermaids are no more silly than vampires and werewolves and the like. If they're well handled. And the mermaids here are... not.

There's something about the realm of mermaids that has the potential to be gorgeous and beautifully written. The location alone is bound to be gorgeous; it's the ocean/beach. Beautiful. So if the author can find a way to capture that beauty in her writing, it's going to be a decent read, maybe better. And mermaids themselves are fascinating. They're beautiful and deadly. It's what they're known for.

And there's so much mythology surrounding them. We have the sirens of Homer's Odyssey to the Peter Pan variation and everything in between. The idea of water women has fascinated sailors for the past 3,000+ years; there should be something there to research.

So there's a ton to go off of. And it hasn't all been beaten to the ground a hundred times, as seen with vamps, werewolves, angels and even faeries. So there's tons of potential.

And Tracy Deebs did not tap into that at all.

Based on this book, she chose to abandon all efforts as far as research goes and just go off of the basic 'girl with a fin underwater' idea. She narrowed the whole wide world of mermaids down to the most humdrum, mundane version possible. The only thing interesting or unique about Tempest is her name; the rest has been seen before a million other times.

She's tough. She hangs out with a bunch of dudes. She's super hot. She isn't extremely compassionate. She frowns upon wearing makeup and spending more than thirty seconds on your physical appearance. She's rash and hot tempered and really got on my nerves.


Do I really need to say that I found her absolutely loathesome?

I'll say it cuz I can: I found her absolutely loathesome.

Anyway, Tempest lives in a beach area in California somewhere. She likes surfing. Her mom is a mermaid who was eventually called back to the sea and never returned. Standard fare of mermaid books really; I've read several like this. Tempest is facing her 16th (maybe 17th; can't remember) birthday and will have to choose between being a human or being a mermaid.

She's going to be a human, she knows. Because she loves being a human. Until she meets this dude, Kona.

Kona wasn't any better than Tempest. He was hot, sexy, mysterious, dangerous and completely flat. I don't know anything about him; I can't really attribute any personality traits to his vague image. He didn't have a distinct manner or anything. He was almost as annoying as Tempest.

Anyway, he drags her down, under the water, they go off to Mermaid Land and find this evil sea-witch trying to kill them, or, particularly, Tempest. They spend some time in melodramatic dialogue and then pant after each other and then there's a big, bloody showdown, like something out of a Transformers movie.

Well, if Transformers could take place underwater. Which I doubt it could, because they're made out of metal and would probably rust and be unable to move, which would make the action sequences rather difficult to shoot. Also, I don't think robots can bleed. Maybe leak oil, but oil isn't blood, so it wouldn't really be a bloody showdown, just an oily one. A greasy one. Yucky, like Severus Snape's hair...

But you know, if Transformers did have blood and didn't rust and were mermaids and...

Yeah, Tempest Rising was pretty silly.
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Cindy Gumenick Greasy like snapes hair omg that made me laugh so hard...thanks this review made my day.

Gemma Any time :)

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