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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
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Nov 22, 11

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Read in November, 2011

I started out really enjoying this book. The premise is so interesting and relevant to today and the future. I totally picture the world created by Oasis happening. I am also a product of the '80s so it was fun and nostalgic remembering the ancient computer systems, video games, music, movies, and tv shows. However, this feeling wore off quickly and I kept waiting for the author to take the story to the next level but that never happened. It turns out the whole book was this way. It was like a history lesson on the '80s to impress the reader on the author's knowledge of that time period. It became a bit played and boring. A book needs more than this to keep the reader interested.

I did not bond nor like any of the characters in this book. They seemed to be like the people you may choose to be when you play a video game. They were extremely superficial and lacked any depth to them. Actually, the whole story felt this way and because of that I kept thinking that was a Young Adult novel but it isn't. This simple style of writing is definitely meant for 11 year olds. It even read like a video game. Of course, the characters were in a virtual game, but being told play by play what Wade's next move was got very repetitive and uninteresting.

This book also played out like a predictable cheesy '80s flick and even includes an ending that makes you want to puke. It was very hard to stomach this book, literally. I just kept shaking my head thinking "that really just happened, surely you can't be serious". "And don't call me Shirley."

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Jason I love reading books at the same time as you, and I agree that it was borderline juvenile.

You lost interest around the same time that I did. I just cannot believ how worshipped this book is...Blahhh

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