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Blood Red Road by Moira Young
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May 08, 12

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Every author who is willing to take big risks to get their story across deserves credit for those risks, whether they work or not.

Moira Young took BIG risks in Blood Red Road and everything that should have annoyed the hell out of me were the some of the exact reasons why I LOVED this book...

The slang was slightly difficult to get used to but once I did I found that I read a lot of the book out loud to see if I could say it right. The lack of the quotation marks was more difficult than the slang, and slightly more annoying but once I figured out what was going on I had no problems at all. The style is also authentic to the characters in the book who have never heard of formal education and cannot read or write. The only way Saba could realistically relay this story would be to speak it and it is written in a conversational manner. This is fitting. You might not like it.

Saba is 100% a result of her circumstances. The way she talks, thinks, acts and feels seem completely authentic to her upbringing. I keep saying that female protagonists in a lot of YA are weak, irrational and boy-crazy but Saba takes the 'strong female lead' to it's extreme. She is SO independent and stubborn it becomes her major flaw in the story. She wasn't very likeable at all. She was mean to her sister, pathetic about her brother, utterly clueless about dear, sweet (and sometimes horribly cruel), handsome Jack and ungrateful for anything anyone does for her. I cursed her through a lot of the book but I always rooted for her. I always wanted her to succeed and to learn from her mistakes and to JUST KISS HIM ALREADY (because apparently I am boy-crazy :) Saba, in a lot of ways was the perfect character. I was really conflicted about her but no matter if you love her or hate her you will cheer for her.

The world wasn't really set up to my liking. I am a very visual person and I felt that I didn't get a good look at what Saba's world as a whole looked like. The Wreckers, Hopetown, the Worms... I got it but I didn't really FEEL it was real. But I suppose Saba herself doesn't really know what her world looks like, so hopefully I get to learn more in the rest of the series.

BOO! The heartstone was a copout. I didn't like it at all... so hopefully it has a higher purpose in the next books.

This is a great story with great characters. There is no denying it. That being said it is a very risky story that will create a divide amoung the lovers and haters of the story.

Me personally? I wait patiently for REBEL HEART... and more Jack.

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