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Nov 21, 2011

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I have been steadily working my way through the Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher over the last few months and just yesterday I finished listening to Changes, one of the more recent books in the series. The following review will contain spoilers and my own personal opinions of the book, so click the break if you want to read about my thoughts.

First off, I’m going to let you all know that this was definitely not my favorite book in the series. While there are many reasons for it, I’m pretty sure a lot of it falls on the fact that Susan is in this book. I didn’t like Susan when Harry was dating her, I didn’t like her when she became an almost-vampire and hung around Chicago like a bad shadow, and I didn’t like her when she became a badass almost-vampire. She’s manipulative, ignorant to anything she doesn’t immediately deem important, and she just brings trouble for Harry. He started a freakin war because of her after all! Now that that’s out of the way…
What a way to start a book, huh? Hey there Harry, just calling to let you know that you knocked me up when I saw you six years ago. Oh, and also, she’s been stolen by the red court. I’ll be in Chicago in a few, ttyl. Just one more reason for me to dislike that woman. I’m not going to go on about how absolutely absurd and hurtful what she did was because I think Harry pretty much covers it throughout the book but, seriously, that’s some crap.
This book continues to reinforces the message that has been predominating throughout Harry’s life for the last few years: Family matters. Even Thomas pitches in to help when he hears what has happened. I am pretty sure that Thomas had his mind whipped by aliens though because I absolutely do not see the evolutionary connection between the current Thomas and the one we met in Grave Peril. Honestly, I miss the hoity toity funny Thomas who we met years ago and not the dreary, love-sick angst-boy he has become.
Speaking of family becoming Harry’s focus, I have really loved watching the bond between Harry and Molly over the last few books. The playful banter and the fatherly way that Harry looks out for her is just heartwarming. I know that Molly had a thing for Harry before she became his apprentice and in this book Susan mentions that Molly is in love with him, but I really just don’t see that. Their interactions seem far too genuine for Molly to still be harboring a secret crush. I really think that they’ve moved on to a very strong and protective friendship. They may notice that the other has attractive qualities but it’s not something that either would want act on.
I wasn’t so crazy about the idea of Ebenezar being Harry’s grandfather though. I feel like all the major characters in these books are turning out to be related. Is Ivy going to turn out be his third cousin twice removed? Maybe her mother was his sister but they were separated (like he and Thomas were) and she couldn’t take it, which would make Ivy his niece! Sorry, but his mom’s side of the family tree is getting a bit ridiculous.
I know that I’ve spent a lot of time talking about his relationships rather than the plot of the book but I feel like his relationships are the real plot. I mean, yea he gets a map through the fairy world because his mom left it with his fairy godmother until he was old and wise enough to figure out how to get it from her. I feel like most of this is just in place so that Butcher can constantly reiterate how hot White Court vamps are and VERY VERY important family is.
Overall, not the best book in the series. I’m really hoping that the next couple books are less preachy.

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Ryan i liked the battle of chichen itza and felt that susan's actions were stupid but well meaning. I liked that the vampire war arc ended, and it allowed harry not to be the curse.

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