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Comanche Heart by Catherine Anderson
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Nov 20, 2011

did not like it

** spoiler alert ** Nov 20, 2011 (review)
I was highly disappointed, and disgusted, with the way things turned out in this book.
Swift Antelope and Amy's relationship in Comanche Moon had been so sweet and adorable, and I get to this book and it had taken such a turn they seemed like two completely different people.
I'm not sure why the description says she had fallen in love with his Comanche heart, because he had pretty much forsaken his Comanche heritage. He was acting more like a comanchero, one of the Mexican men that had raped Amy in the other book.
It was so sad to think about how they had been in Comanche Moon when they were younger and to look at how they were in this book.
"Swift" was a hard ass that repeatedly pushed Amy into doing things she didn't want to do and was cold and uncaring, and even brutal, about the traumatizing experience she had had of being raped as a child. He was just plain cruel, and I thought that was unforgiveable.

He was seen talking to this woman on the boardwalk, and that little episode went without any explanation at all. Amy didn't seem to have any trouble with it. And then he says I'm not going to lie to you, I slept with women, many women. I found that a little hypocritical and majorly disgusting, since he had been bullying Amy into honoring their pledge to marry fifteen years ago.

When Amy had stood up for him in front of everyone and said that "the last thing Swift Antelope and I do is sleep" I gave her props, because she actually showed she had some backbone and could stand up for once, and it was a nice speech.

I also liked how he had cut his face because he saw what he thought was Amy's grave and was in mourning, and they have a conversation about it and Amy asked if they he had children with her, and he says "I hope so." She realizes then that he's talking about her. That was really sweet.

The rest of this book was pure torture, what with all of the feelings and the self pity and the repeated talks they had about Amy's past.

I really wish I wouldn't have read this book, and had just kept the nice memories I had of them as children in Comanche Moon.
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Midniteillusion This is how I'm beginning to feel. Maybe I should just stop reading it. I'm so mad at this point I feel like I was tricked and wasted my money on it. And I know the author won't care but I'm disgusted by how she has ruined these characters.

Andrea Hussey I can't say that the book gets any better; I wish I wouldn't have read it. Me too, and I'm clearly not a fan of Catherine Anderson's so I won't be reading any more of her books. I can't imagine why someone would want to ruin their characters this way and take something that was sweet and turn it into trash.

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