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How to Kill a Rock Star by Tiffanie DeBartolo
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Review posted to: Swept Away By Romance

4.5 Killer Stars
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heat Barometer: 3 out of 5 stars

I wanted to rename this book How to Kill Splage with 15% of the story left...I think it made my heart stop and I felt totally lost… I mean WHOA I was scared how it was going to end. Let me just say that EVERY decision that Eliza and Paul made was wrong. It was crazy because they had such passion about their music and love for each other that they would contemplate and make decisions that they thought was the best for everyone instead of just for themselves and it seemed like they couldn’t catch a break.

Why did I let this book sit around for so long? There were so many hot buttons of mine in it. It had a huge heart breaking love triangle, I switched back and forth so many times on who I wanted together, I was getting whiplash. I was afraid to turn the page to find out what was going to happen because I didn’t want anyone to get hurt and I knew everyone was vulnerable. There was also the Rock Star lifestyle, Other Women, Cheating, Jealousy, Lots of Angst because of all the wrong decisions- basically my dream come true when it comes to themes I love in my books.

The book was written from Eliza, Paul, and sometimes Loring’s POV and at times it was hard to figure out whose mind I was in, but the style worked. The first part of the book was wonderful and edgy. Eliza life changes one night when she sees her iconic and reclusive rock idol, Doug Blackman and he grants her an interview because he can see her honest passion about his music. This leads Eliza to a job in New York City at a popular music industry magazine as a writer. Eliza’s only brother, Michael, also lives in NYC and is a guitarist in a rock band called Bananafish. She becomes roommates with the lead singer of Michael’s band, Paul, and they begin a passionate relationship. The rock and roll life style brings up all kinds of obstacles and insecurities between Paul and Eliza. The biggest was Eliza’s unwillingness to fly on a plane. She has her reasons and they were chilling.

Paul was out there! He is so righteous about his music and concerned with keeping his integrity and not selling out to the masses and the recording industry execs that it took me a little while to accept him as my hero. I wanted to scream COMPROMISE!!, LIVE THE DREAM, BECOME A STAR, but he was strong in mind. My 18 year old daughter would have loved him and describe him as EMO because of his deep intense thoughts and music lyrics, hipster look, and individualistic ways. He definitely wasn’t my usual type and the description the author gave of him wasn’t extremely flattering; colorless face, concave ribcage, Jesus on the cross, but I grew to love him because he laid it all out there, his passion, his heart and especially his soul. Now Loring Blackman, Doug’s son, was definitely my usual type, smart, good looking, sweet, a good father, loving and sexy- a born hero. This created a big dilemma for me.

The second half was powerful and poetic. Paul’s band signs a recording contract that takes them on a US tour and tears him and Eliza apart. There were some big twist and turns that kept me anxious and uncomfortable until the very end. I just loved all the lyrics of the songs that both Loring and Paul wrote for Eliza, she was one lucky girl, but of course very unlucky as well. No matter how much you love somebody, no matter how desperately you want a relationship to work, life can act as an oxidizer and corrode it to pieces.

My only disappointment was the ending, it was very good, but it left me wanting for more.
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41.0% "I AM SO CONFUSED!! I am loving Loring, Paul is taking a back seat and I think he is suppose to be the main love interest. I didn't read much about this book, just that I loved the name, it is about the rockstar life. Is this a love triangle??...don't tell me I am too anxious to know;)"

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Alexis *Reality Bites* WOW! I am moving this up on my fall tbr pile:)

Splage This was a fabulous read. Very good love triangle, with a well done cheater plot. I finished it a few hours ago and I am still hyped up...that is a good thing!

Michelle [Helen Geek] So glad you loved it too!

message 4: by Kristen (new) - added it

Kristen I can't wait to read your review, Splage.

Searock Yes, yes, yes!
Love the review, Splage :)

Splage Thanks Baba and Searock, this one was an emotional ride for me.

JoJo - JJJ (Jo Anna) Janesko Awesome review. I am reading this book now. I don't think you could have said it any better.

message 9: by KatLynne (new) - added it

KatLynne Great review Splage! I may have to push this up on my list.

Splage Thanks KatLynne, I hope you enjoy it. It is a book that makes you sweat!

Lorie Your first sentence cracks me up! But it fabulously sums up the entire book in 20 words or less..........

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